Eyonix: Priest Talent Tree Details Soon

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Eyonix dared what no CM do … he offered a ETA on when to expect details about the Priest Talent Tree changes to be released on patch 1.10 – and we encourage you to stay tuned to Friday’s possible announcement. However, be merciful.  ETAs usually change due to many variables.

Eyonix: “After a long discussion with the class designers concerning Priests, yesterday, as a Blizzard employee whose function is to provide news, I smiled at the information I was provided. As a Priest player, I giggled to myself for hours. The changes are impressive, although like any change to the game, specifically a class, the outcome of such is most often times subjective.

The changes are being tested, and finalized.

My goal, if possible, is to provide an update, as comprehensive as possible concerning the upcoming Priest changes, by this Friday. Please note, this may not be possible due to a number of variables, however, it’s at least a reasonable possibility.”

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