Eye of the Storm – World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria Pre-interview Thoughts

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In less than 24-hours, Eldorian and I will be talking with Blizzard Lead Publishing Micky Neilson and DC Comics / Table Taffy Studios Sean “Cheeks” Galloway.

I’m just thrilled to talk to both: the writer and artist of World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria.

I met Micky Neilson and Chris Metzen at the 2009 New York Comic Con during an interview. I have read Micky’s World of Warcraft: Ashbringer, and World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen (co-written with James Waugh). I have also read his stories in the official World of Warcraft website … The Unbroken and The War of the Shifting Sands.

It’s just thrilling to get to talk with Micky and to ask questions about this book knowing the importance of Li Li and Chen Stormstout — not only in PEARL OF PANDARIA, but in-game as well. As a beta tester, I have experienced all the lengthy quest chain with Li Li and Chen starting at the Pang’s Stead in the Valley of the Four Winds all the way to the Stormstout Brewery 5-man dungeon.

Today we got to read Li Li’s Journal Part 4 — and it has 11-parts, which mean we will get more of Li Li. From what I have read so far, Li Li’s Journal talks about her life at the Wandering Isle as a prelude to her adventures in PEARL OF PANDARIA.

According to the book, there will be an online novella titled QUEST FOR PANDARIA as a venue to tell the story of Li Li and Chen after the events of PEARL OF PANDARIA. Considering there’s a cliffhanger surrounding the whereabouts of the Pearl, I’m dying to know whether the story will be continued in the online novella, or if the Creative Team have plans to resolve that plot in Mists of Pandaria end-game.

For example, in beta there are incomplete plots and inaccessible areas. We don’t know where the Zandalari are navigating by sea from. We don’t know what are these Makrura doing in the shores of Pandaria. In PEARL OF PANDARIA we find out the Naga have been searching for Pandaria for thousands of years unsuccessfully. A Naga resembling Lady Vashj, claims the future of Azeroth lies within Pandaria, and it’s their utmost goal to find the mysterious and elusive location of Pandaria — which has been shrouded by mists for milenia.

There’s definitely a reason these Makrura are scouting Pandaria. There’s a coming “Something” in the horizon — whether it is in Mists of Pandaria’s end-game or in a following expansion afterwards. Whatever this “something” is — the Naga are one way or another going to be in the thick of Pandaria soon or later.

There is a big isle located north of Townlong Steppes that can’t be accessed by any means in MOP Beta. Definitely, at this point in time — merely two weeks away from release date, this isle is intended to be part of a future patch post-retail release. Is there where the Zandalari are hailing from? Is the Naga preparing an assault from this island? Are the Mogu? It’s an enigma.

I have faith the cliffhanger within PEARL OF PANDARIA has a powerful meaning for the future of the expansion, considering it’s stirred the Naga into action. More importantly, the fact that there is not a single naga in all of Pandaria in beta — except for the Makrura scouts.

WoW Insider today posted about this Makrura incursion — originally found in Scrollsoflore. I was able to take screenshots in-game. It’s definitely smelling like scouts sent by the Naga — which means an invasion is looming in the horizon at some point.

In the interview, we will ask what the plans are for the mysterious pearl. Whether its whereabouts will be discussed in QUEST FOR PANDARIA, or otherwise, to be resolved in-game at some point.

On Sean Galloway’s perspective, while we have seen Blizzard Entertainment get ahold of figures like Simon Furman (The Transformers), Walter Simonson (The Mighty Thor) to licensed products, Sean Galloway adds an extra weight in this participation of heavy-weight figures of the industry.

Blizzard Entertainment has close ties with DC Comics (Time Warner/Warner Bros). Here comes Sean Galloway with a strong background in animated TV series such as The Spectacular Spiderman, Disney’s Tron Animated, G.I. Joe Renegades. There’s a potential here for a Warcraft Animated TV series. I’d totally love to see that someday.

Troubles from Without

Brothers and Sisters,

We need to keep our eyes beyond our shores. The mists have fallen. We, the Shado-Pan are the next and final line of defense.

The first to come, as you know, were the Horde and Alliance. While they have not shown themselves to be hostile, we continue to follow them with a wary eye.

The next to come did not arrive by air, but from beneath the sea. The makrura have shown increased activity on our shores, which suggests a possible future attack. I will highlight a few high-priority targets to look out for.


Thsi female has been known to attack the fishermen of Sri-La Village in times of hunger. Reports vary whether she is simply a nuisance or an outright menace. Last seen on the rocks southwest of Windward Isle, in the Jade Forest.


Akkalar is renowned among his kind for his thick carapace. His brazen attacks on the Jinyu of the Jade Forest suggest either arrogance or strength. Potentially both. Last seen on the southern tip of the Jade Forest, south of Pearlfin Village.


Omnia scholars have suggested that the makrura have some capacity in magic. Those who have seen Damlak know this to be true. This shadowy creature wanders the islands and seafloor between the Cradle of Chi-Ji and Nayeli Lagoon, in the Krasarang Wilds.


A furious warrior from the icy-waters of the north. Last seen patrolling the rocky coast of Kun-Lai Summit, west of Zouchin Village.


An absolute brute from beyond the wall, known for his overwhelming strength. Even the mantid keep a fair distance from this one. Last seen off the northwestern coast of Zan’vess.


Odd’nirok does not fight with his claws as the other makrura do. Instead, he possesses a crude shamanic power, fighting with the force of water itself. He was last seen on the shores south of the cliffs of Sik’vess, in Townlong Steppes.


While we are discussing makrura, I must mention Kril’mandar, known as the Crawlord, or the Terror of the Southern Tide.

Kril’mandar has NOT been seen in years. Our lookouts along the southern wall have inspected his island, far to the west of the Cradle of Chi-Ji, and have not seen any signs of his return.

Remain vigilant.

-Hawkmaster Nurong

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