Eurogamer Interviews Samwise Didier

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Eurogamer has a 3-pages interview with Samwise Didier (Blizzard Senior Art Director).  Sam talks about his work at Blizzard since early days designing for Lost Vikings, Rock’n Roll Racing, and Blackthorne. And how art has been an important part of Starcraft, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2.

Eurogamer: In StarCraft II and Blizzard’s other RTS games, you’ve got some tension in the art between having a really clear zoomed-out display, and a distinctive character to the designs – how do you balance that?

Samwise Didier: All the art in Starcraft II is going to be viewed in the top-down, three-quarter view, so we really put a lot of focus into the silhouettes of the units from that angle, so they’re very distinct and iconic. Then we try to keep the detail level a little bit lower – bigger shapes, not as much little dots, nuts and bolts and all that on the metal. That’s partly why a lot of our characters are a little bit bigger and over-proportioned, because when you look at it back from how we play, it needs that little bit extra.

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