Diablo II Site: Major Updates

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With the introduction of Patch 1.11 for Diablo II, Nebu has been updating very often the Arrea Summit Official site.  It might be worth taking a look to the changes undergone in the last few days:

Major Updates

  • Magic Items: Charged Item Magic Suffixes (stats all redone)

  • Magic Items: “Procing” Spell Magic Suffixes (updated various)
  • Items: Large Charms (Shimmering stats)

Minor Updates

  • Paladin: Blessed Hammer (updated one tip)

  • Assassin: Blade Shield (added tip)
  • Necromancer: Summoning Skills (fixed layout issue)
  • Sorceress: Frost Nova (removed outdated info)
  • Paladin: Conversion (added Champions, added one new tip)
  • Assassin: Burst of Speed (added tip)
  • Barbarian: Whirlwind (added tip)
  • Credits (added name)
  • Basics: Characters (added minor text to Attack Ratings)
  • Monsters: Undead Horror (fixed text)
  • Normal Items: Polearms (intro text fix)
  • Rune Words: Insight (updated aura range)
  • Rune Words: Phoenix (updated stats, will it ever be right???)
  • Rune Words: Enlightenment (updated text)
  • Rune Words: Passion (added varies)
  • Rune Words: Death (fixed range)
  • Unique Rings (text fix on notes)
  • Unique Items: The Gavel of Pain (updated damage)
  • Unique Items: Crushflange (added varies)
  • Unique Items: Steeldriver (updated strength req)
  • Basics (text fix)
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