Diablo 3 Finally Announced !!!

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Mike Morhaime announced Diablo 3—It is reality folks. We are watching now video gameplay of a Barbarian in 3D.  This looks awesome. You can see your diablo character window same as in World of Warcraft and I think I

The Barbarian in this gameplay fights over 20 mobs and he dispatches them easily.  You can destroy and interact with the environment—this is physix at work here.  You can access the character window similar to World of Warcraft.  Weapons can be enchanted.  The barbarian is now doing whirldwind to deal with powerful enemies.  Some lootable chests have traps … the example given—the chest activated a trap where many skeletal casters spawned to attack the barbarian.  Deckard cain is talking in-game now in a interesting interface for RPG.

We see now a Witch Doctor class that can summon Mongrels as pets.  He can create a wall of zombies to block incoming attacks of mobs from reaching you while you annihilate them.  The Witch Doctor is a ranger basicaly casting from afar.  The gameplay is about to end but before they want to show us what a real fight is in multiplayer with a witch doctor, a barbarian and a rogue.  Holy cow this huge beast with four legs and a huge body that takes haf the screen is fighting the three classes.    The beast is named Siegebreaker assault beast.  It has a lot of HP but the 3 classes are doing heavy damage to it.  It dropped an amulet and gold.  The creature just exploded after looting and hundreds of skeletons now fighthing onscreen.  Diablo 3 logo seals the gameplay video.

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