Christie Golden Interview - Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Shadow Hunters

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Few days ago, Christie Golden told Blizzplanet some of her experiences as a Lore Panel Discussion speaker at Blizzcon 2007 alongside Chris Metzen.  With book two of the trilogy nearing release, I asked her a few questions about STARCRAFT: THE DARK TEMPLAR, BOOK TWO: SHADOW HUNTERS.

The starcraft trilogy is canon and an introduction to the single-player campaigns of StarCraft II.  After SCLegacy’s great interview with Chris Metzen, we know the old Starcraft campaign: ENSLAVERS, is canon and will have repercussions in Starcraft II.

Ulrezaj, the Dark Archon from ENSLAVERS campaign makes a debut in the Christie Golden novel due November 25th.  Jake Ramsey and Rosemary Dahl must face the nightmarish dark archon in Aiur.  What has Ulrezaj done all this time since his escape after Allan Schezar died?  How is he tied to the artifacts and Xel’Naga temples arising from the ancient sands? How does Ulrezaj fits with Zeratul’s late warnings about the return of the Xel’Naga? Hopefully we will find out in this exciting trilogy. Book two is due on November 27. Add it to your must-have list.

Christie Golden tells us some about Ulrezaj and … Tassadar.

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