Car Bot Animations – StarCrafts Season 2 Episode 12 – Mutalated

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Car Bot Animations posted a new video in YouTube titled “Mutalated”. In this episode, they address the balance issues with Mutalisks versus Terran and versus Protoss.

When Mutalisks attack a Protoss base, they can swing in and out of there if there aren’t enough photon cannons laid around to protect probes. By the time an Archon or an Immortal gets there, the zerg player can spirit the Mutalisks away, and simply harass the protoss player. Or so Car Bot Animations pictures it — don’t kill the messenger. =)

When a bunch of Mutalisks approach a Terran base, however, out of the blue a Widow Mine can shoot a missile and AOE all the Mutalisks whereas the Protoss has to suffer harassment without much of a damage dealt to the Mutas.

In the animation all Mutalisks are decimated by the Widow Mine’s Sentinel Missile — which is kinda funny, but in reality they don’t kill all the mutalisks in a normal melee game.

    Sentinel Missiles: Attacks by launching missiles at enemy ground and air units that get too close. Missiles deal 125 damage to primary target and 40 splash damage to units nearby.

A Mutalisk has 120 Life, and that sentinel missile’s 40 splash damage can at most drop the nearby Mutalisks’ health down to 80 Life. The only way this Mutalated animation scenario might happen is if all Mutalisks were at most 40 Life each or less. It’s still a fun watch.


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