Burning Crusade - The Naaru and Durotan’s Mom

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Today, I have some lore treat to you guys.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did a month ago when I played through the Nagrand region quests.

These epic quests chain journey you through a few revelations.  First, we are hinted that the Naaru is possibly the origin of Light and Shadow. The Naaru are eternal and they go through cycles.  There can be no Light without the Void. No light without shadows?  In this quest chain a naaru has been weakened and regenerating for a thousand years in which his weak energies created a void.  The Burning Legion used this void where the souls of orcs are drawn into … to summon forth voidwalkers.

The naaru in Oshu’gun reveals that the diamond mountain is his dimensional ship which crashed in Draenor a thousand years ago.  Velen and the draenei came to Draenor aboard Oshu’gun.

As the quest chain progresses, we find out that Greatmother Geyah was Durotan’s mother. This leads you to deliver the news to Thrall.  Thrall comes to Outland to talk to his greatmother.

Read the full quest chain transcript and the short video of Thrall coming to Outland.

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