Burning Crusade Talent and Abilities part 2

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Tseric: “We have updated the Burning Crusade Talent and Abilities previews to reflect changes that have been made after the design and layout of the initial web page. As we continue to develop and tune spells, abilities and talents, we want to keep the website as up-to-date as possible during this time of development and change. Be sure to check the website for changes which may affect your carefully constructed talent build”

  • New talents updated
  • This screenshots are plain crazy. The Shaman may summon an Earth Elemental totem costing 705 mana that brings forth a Earth Elemental pet to protect you and your team, and lasts two minutes.

    Molten Armor offers chance to receive melee or spell damage reduced by 10% and causes your attacker to receive 60 to 90 damage.  Lasts 30 minutes. Ouch!
    New Burning Crusade Screenshots at IGN

  • GamePro has posted an interview with Jeff Kaplan about development process, why Blood Elves and Draenei were chosen as the new races, and other details about the Burning Crusade.
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