Burning Crusade: Khadgar Lore in Shattrath City

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On Sunday, my level 60 Undead Priest was finally transfered after two days into the Hellfire (PvE) Server. First, don’t bother going to Caverns of Time. You can’t enter Hillsbrad until you are around level 66. Head instead to Outland through the Dark Portal.

I recommend starting at Zangarmarsh where you will find lvl 61 mobs. If you feel like you can take lvl 62-63 mobs then stay at the Hellfire Peninsula. Shattrath City is a huge place one you should consider to be like Orgrimmar or Ironforge. A hub for all of Outland. The flight master is a goblin that handles both Alliance and Horde flights on the northeast side of the Terrace of the Light.

Now if you wish to learn the lore of Khadgar and the Naaru, you should read the full details here.  Spread the word and share the link with other fans.

During the next couple of days I will be showing the recipes of Grand Master Jewelcrafter, Enchanting and Leatherworker. So far I have noticed three easter eggs: King Dond (Arena Promoter) in Nagrand stands for Don King (Boxer Promoter).  Harris Pilton at the bar on the eastern area of Shattrath City stands for Paris Hilton. And a female orc serving as Flight master in southern Hellfire Peninsula is named Amilia Airheart standing for Amelia Earhart (famous pilot).

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