Burning Crusade: Khadgar in Outland

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Zushiba@Kel’Thuzad shared a screenshot of Khadgar who may be found at Shattrath City, in Terokkar Forest. It seems Khadgar met A’dal—from the Naaru—some five months ago. Check it out here.  To see the last time Khadgar and the Expedition Force Heroes: Alleria, Turalyon, Danath, Kurdran and Sky’ree were seen, read the final cinematic dialogue of Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal expansion. To read the campaign missions of that game visit the following page.

A new Easter Egg was found in Outland, however I would hold this with a grain of salt. If someone could confirm this is not a fake photoshop screenshot?  Is it me or … is that He-Man (Prince Adam) and Orko? What the flipping …. Haha! I guess our Wow Easter Eggs section will have to be updated very often.

Finally, the sword item shown in the recent episode of South Park, Sword of the Thousand Truths is real. Check it out!

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