Burning Crusade: Info About The Expansion [Updated]

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After 93,293 views, 213 replies, it was time for a new version of”Info About The Expansion”. If you never heard about this compilation topic:

The purpose of this sticky is to gather all information regarding the upcoming expansion. All information comes from Blizzard and isn’t false (details and information may change over time though)

This topic is updated regularly (for details see “What’s new & changed”) and frequently given answers to questions. Feel free to ask questions, but first read all I wrote. Chances are, I already discussed the thing you are going to ask about.

You can find the topic here:

Schwick (Schwickster [at] gmail.com)
Author of “Info About The Expansion”, “Info About 1.13/1.14” (coming soon) & “Warcraft Weekly”(EU)

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