Burning Crusade Hotfixes

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Blizzard applied some hotfixes to the live realms to address missing NPCs and respawn issues.

  • Khorium has been added back into the game.
  • Lady Palanseer in the Hall of Legends and Captain Dirgehammer in the Champion?s Hall have returned and are now selling level 70 PvP rewards.
  • The drop rate of Draenei Prayer Beads for the quest “Digging for Prayer Beads” has been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting rested experience in Shattrath on select realms.
  • Reduced the respawn time of the Zangarmarsh quest targets: Boglash, Lord Klaq, and Blacksting.

Additionally, today at 3am PST the realms were shut down and will be back online around 11am PST.

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