Blizzplanet - More News Links Active

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Thanks to Varaon, programmer from Gosugamers, the More News links in the News headline boxes above are finally active. When you place your mouse pointer on top and click, you will be able to read the news of that specific game. i.e. If you wish to read only World of Warcraft news.  You can optionally go to each game’s left menu and click the News link. Varaon will be brainstorming how to create sub-sites per game to facilitate navigation of Blizzplanet.  Each sub-site will have its unique left menu to avoid clutter of left-menu boxes and to simplify. Varaon will soon develop a Community News RSS system.

However, I have to thank DarkNemesis for his dedication to Blizzplanet and the community since the launch of Blizzplanet back on November 2002. He has been Blizzplanet’s programmer for 4 years. DarkNemesis created the custom backend/CMS. Without it there wouldn’t be a Blizzplanet.

Draiken will be posting news often, and brought‘s forum back online. We are still waiting for some files from Firence to restore it completely. Firence will change the URL of and to point to

Draiken will work on a special sub-site dedicated entirely to World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG). He is a avid TCG player. Changes are in motion. Thanks to the team behind the engines.

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