Blizzplanet Downtime Hopefully Over

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in BlizzPlanet Site News

We have had some random downtime in the past few weeks. Mith and Eldorian tried to figure out what the problem was, considering the system and addons are pretty good. Hosting didn’t find any issues in the logs each time we reached them.

Seems the old site was somehow still operational to some degree and was hogging resources like crazy. The old site’s files have been completely removed. So, crossing fingers, server performance should be smooth and nice from this moment forward.

ExpressionEngine ain’t very good unless you have a buffed up server setup with loads of RAM according to what I have heard. Even so, I recall bad experiences while I was staff at the foreign network who used it in all sites. I ain’t going to miss the laggy page loads. Good riddance to ExpressionEngine.

If you experience lag from now on, or notice problems while visiting Blizzplanet, feel free to tell us to investigate and resolve it.

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