Blizzcon Video Games Live Coverage

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Music4Games contacted me to share with the Blizzard community their BlizzCon coverage featuring a pre-concert mini-interview with Tom Tallarico, and the full list of song themes played by the Video Games Live (VGL) Orchestra at BlizzCon 2007.  Two of the prominent happenings through the concert were the performance of the awesome soprano of “Lament of the Highborne”, Vangie Gunn, who sang it at the VGL concert; and the #2 song theme by Matt Uelmen, the Diablo Suite. Personally, I hope the addition of the Diablo theme means the game will be announced soon.  My personal guess is the game wasn’t ready for demo. But that’s just me.

I recommend to read the lengthy Blizzcon coverage over at Music4Games.

Never heard the Lament of the Highborne song? Watch to our video

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