Blizzcon 2009 Videos - Work In Progress

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I will be a bit inactive. I’m currently uploading 5GB worth of raw (unedited) video to the IncGamers folks, so my connection is crying outloud.  While that’s getting uploaded, I am working on a few videos of my own.  I interviewed Richard A. Knaak about World of Warcraft: Stormrage.  I barely asked a few questions to Christie Golden about Warcraft Legends—since Omacron (ScrollsofLore / WCRadio) spent … 12 minutes and asked everything I wanted to ask (/wrist @ Omacron).  I recorded Omacron interviewing her though (lol he hijack me, I will hijack his).

I took video of Christie Golden’s book signing (Saturday 4pm)—so if you were among the fans who were there during the raffle of 40 copies of the WoW: ARTHAS Collector’s Edition, there might be a chance you appear in this video (as a memento for you).

I was really glad on Saturday.  I was at Hall C doing my … you know, [orc peon voice here]  “Work, work. Dabu!” for IncGamers.  DirecTV wasn’t covering the panels on Hall C, so it was my job to record video of the WoW Class panel and the WoW Game Systems panel—which I will be working on during the week (so stay tuned).  One of the IncGamers guys borrowed my tripod, so I had to record sitting on a chair holding the camera still.  When out of nowhere, I hear someone close to me calling my name.  I looked to my left … and lo and behold … the thundergod Chris Metzen waved his hand at me.  OMG!  Man, did I smile and feel cool.

Really nice. We have only met twice. On February 23, 2009 at the New York Comic Con and on July 20th at the Blizzard campus when I interviewed him briefly about the Starcraft II single player.

I was also surprised when I was at the Pocket Books booth recording the book signing.  I was talking to Richard A. Knaak when suddenly I see Rob Tokar walking in.  He called me by my name too and we shook hands.  Jaime Costas came in and told them wonders about all the support of their products on our news page.  Man, I was melting-embarrassed, not of the bad type, more like (OMG !!!)  flattered beyond what you can normally withstand without fainting. Anyway, thanks a bunch Jaime, Rob, Richard, Christie and brotherly love hug to all of them and Chris Metzen.

Another thing I need to work with is the WoW / Diablo 3 Press-Only Q&A that took place at room 208a on Saturday from 5-6pm.  I’m not sure, but I think I was the only one who actually took video of it.  Everyone else was either writing down stuff or using a voice recorder. So stay tuned for all these videos during the week.  Today I’m probably busy with the Knaak/Golden interview, and uploading the 5GB videos. Oh well.

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