BlizzCast 2: Diablo

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BlizzCast Episode 2 brought to the scene a interview with Chris Metzen where he talked of the Diablo universe.

Karune: Very nice. I think that most people are hanging at the edge of their seats right now about all of the Wrath of the Lich King stuff. Our last question: how did the events of the Sin War Trilogy fit into the Diablo universe and why was this an important story to tell?

Chris Metzen: At the most basic level, apart from the story of it, in terms of just how the product came to be at a publishing level, we were talking with our partners, PocketBooks, a couple of years ago. “Hey, let’s do trilogies per license; for each of these three licenses.” My first instinct was, “hey, killer! Let’s use go back and those trilogies to really give people a sense of the origin of each of these series.” Thus, with Warcraft, we did the War of the Ancients which was the definitive, first conflict of Azeroth that really set the stage for everything happening in the current age. StarCraft as well, with the Dark Templar trilogy, even though it was spun with the protagonist kind of reliving history in his mind, it really gave you a sense of the mythology of the Protoss and the events that really echo in the current day, in the pre-staging to StarCraft II.

With the Sin War as well, while we didn’t want to get into ‘time-travel’ or ‘character reliving history in his head’ – it’s more of a straight look at
ancient events – I think I may be roasted for this, it happened about a thousand years before Diablo I, and really, the Sin War trilogy was meant to take a
snapshot of the Diablo world as it was and really show you the events and characters that set in motion everything that plays out in the present day.

Karune: Well, I think that’s all the questions that we have for today so thanks a lot, Chris, for joining us.

Chris Metzen: Certainly. Thanks a lot!

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