Blizzard sued by Unauthorized Strategy Guide

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Blizzard is being sued on a lawsuit filed by a player that sold unauthorized strategy guides of World of Warcraft on eBay.  The guy says that Blizzard blocked his auctions by harrassing eBay to close down his auctions.  Whoa?  This is a very bizzare case.  The guy is selling unauthorized copies of his strategy guides and on top sues Blizzard …

During several months beginning last August, Kopp sold several hundred copies of his guide, which contains tips on playing the game and accumulating points, at roughly $15 apiece. Weeks after his first auction went live, Blizzard, Vivendi, and the ESA began sending repeated takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), asking eBay to yank the auctions because of copyright and trademark infringement concerns. The auction giant’s general policy is to halt auctions when it receives such complaints and to suspend a user’s account after it racks up a certain number of warnings.

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