Blizzard opens Austin Support Center

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Bizjournals released an article about Blizzard’s latest Business Growth acquisition. Blizzard Entertainment is coming to Austin, and it is not for a Starcraft spacecraft landing.  Blizzard has opened a Gaming Support Center in Texas to better serve its customers. The question would be if this huge expanding step is merely for World of Warcraft, or besides for Wow Customer Support, in preparation for the major 2007 Game Announcement mentioned last year by Paul Sams. Gamasutra also has an article of the Austin Center news.

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the wildly popular World of Warcraft franchise, has secured a 46,000-square-foot office building in Northeast Austin where it will relocate a significant portion of its gaming support staff along with quality-control and internal support groups. Though the company declined to elaborate on job figures, sources say the new facility will eventually house around 500 employees.

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