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A very intriguing move just a day before the new game announcement has happened at the Forums.  I am still pondering what this is about.

JohnH: “I wanted to update all of you on an upcoming new change with the forums.  On Monday, 5/21, our Community Team (the same Community Team on our World of Warcraft Forums) will be coming over to the forums.  This will allow us (Technical Support) to concentrate more on the Open Technical Support forum and help more players with their technical as well as various customer service issues.  We will also be changing the name of “Open Technical Support” forum to just “Technical Support” in the near future as well.

Tech Support has been the Blue presence on these forums for quite a number of years, and we wanted to take this time to thank the great community of posters we have here.  We can always be found in the Open Tech Support forum as well as the World of Warcraft PC and Mac forums.  Stop by and say “hi!”  from time to time.

Technical Support Manager
Blizzard Entertainment

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