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Apologies for the lack of content and to those who may have tried to contact me recently. On monday evening burglars broke in into my sister’s home while she was on her night shift job.  When she got home, she noticed instead of opening the door, she closed it.  A sign it was already opened. Lights were on, closets on the hallway emptied. Called the cops, then she called me to request I came to her. Cops got in within two minutes.  Nice timing. She claims to have heard her door slam, which means they were inside, and probably waiting for her. Good she reacted quick and ran downstairs to call 911.

Bottomline, I had to stay at her home until today in the morning.  The window gate, by the fire escape, was bended in such an amazing way, we wonder how no one heard a thing.  Cops were amazed they broke in through such a tiny hole in the window gate.  A locksmith guy who came was about five feet and four inches tall, and you could see not even him could fit through there.

Cops think whoever it was, sent in a young kid through the window gate’s hole to walk in and open the front door. Stole some few jewelry, her Jurassic Park collection, petty coins, and strangely a Reggaeton music CD, maybe other stuff. She has a huge collection of music CDs and a lot of Film DVDs, and that’s all they took. Very odd.

I had to stay with her further days until the locksmith installed a new FD-approved window gate.  Took them till Friday to come install it. So … I’m back home. Haven’t even checked my email. I know many of you visit daily, and may have wondered why I had not updated news. I’m fine.

Well, like the Opera Hall event NPC in Karazhan says: “On with the show!”. Before this becomes a soap opera blog.

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