Hallow’s End Pet and Helm Now On Random Trick or Treat Bags

Eldorian reports that it has been confirmed by Blizzard that the Hallow’s End pet and helm are now random in the trick or treat bags – they don’t only drop from the Headless Horseman now. I don’t usually do seasonal quests except the Brewfest, but I decided to do all the Hallow’s End quests. Thus far I have done all of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms achievements. Later will do Outland’s.

I defeated the Headless Horseman in Tirisfal Glades. The quest says he is in Scarlet Monastery. You can find him at the Graveyard dungeon-wing by the Forlorn Cloister. You will find a big pumpkin head shrine. Behind it is a pile of dirt where you can summon him at. You need at least four people: A tank, DPS and a healer. He hits pretty hard. When he starts doing whirlwind, get away. It does nigh 2,000 damage a hit.

You may get involved and contribute to the Worldofwar Wiki by adding entries to the Hallow’s End wiki page and the Hallow’s End Achievement.

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GameTrailers: Warcraft Retrospective Video

Gametrailers has released Part 1 of the 4-part Warcraft Retrospective video where they analyze the long history of games released by Blizzard Entertainment since 1991. Various in-game gameplay footage and Blizzard cinematics are shown in the documentary.

A new video will be posted each Tuesday. Make sure to bookmark the page to check out each new video each Tuesday.

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Aaron Rosenberg - Sixth Wedding Anniversary

So this is so totally off-topic, but being in WoW recession for nigh two weeks since Blizzcon, I feel more human lately. Kinda got some withdrawal chills, but managing. Anyway, Aaron Rosenberg for those who live under a rock is the author of Starcraft: Queen of Blades and World of Warcraft: Tides of Darkness; and co-writer of World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal. He just celebrated six years since his wedding, and posted on his blog to share his joy with fans. He has made you enjoy a good read, what about congratulating him at his blog?—best wishes buddy!

Aaron: Six years ago today, my beloved [info]jendaby honored me by becoming my wife. It seems like barely any time has passed, though many things have happened during that time

Dr. Phil Says You Are Addicted To WoW …

Orly? Yarly! However, we didn’t need Dr. Phil to find that out. Who needs a shrink? Me? No Way! With 11 Million players worldwide comes the percent of real people addicted to playing the MMO for 8-12 hours straight a day. Considering a mere 10% of 11 Million is still over a million people … that’s a scary percent. I made up that percentage. Could that be higher than 10%? Even less than 10% is still a lotful of people.

Dr. Phil aired a TV show with the topic: Virtual Chaos, focused on MMO Addiction. Is someone like you obssessed with video games? Do some of your fingers get numb? Does your wrist aches? Those are symptoms you have been playing too much in a row. The same happens to me after playing Half-Life 2: Deathmatch for over 4 hours. Or spamming heals in raids from 7:30pm-12am or longer.

Dr. Phil says games are meant to have fun, not to risk life or risk marriages. He presented a case where a young man in his age 35 spends 80 hours a week playing video games. To be honest, I am one of those addicted players. Back on 2004, during beta and after the game went retail, and when Burning Crusade launched I was playing 16 hours a day nonstop. Sometimes longer.

Over the years I have been decreasing those hours, but there is no self-denial. I am addicted to games. And it has affected my life. The same way it has affected yours, if you play excessively for many hours and you are unemployed for a long time, as I was.

The case presented by Dr. Phil is a man my age, who wakes up at noon and plays all day past midnight up to 1-2am in the morning. I see myself reflected in that mirror. Sure, go ahead. Call me a loser. At least I acknowledge and recognize my symptoms as addiction. That takes courage. And I do care. There are many out there with the same issue. Are you brave to accept you are doing wrong with your life, and affecting those around you: your wife, your daughter, son? The Monday TV show helps you how to control your obssession before it is to late.

Dr. Phil has a webpage with a Gaming Addictive Behaviour Audit. Fill the 10 questions provided in the audit and find out if you are addicted, or if you are only a casual gamer.

Like Father, Like Son
He continues,

Diablo Lore: The Great Conflict

As many have noticed lately, I am now new staff member of Incgamers, network that spawned Diabloii.net and Diii.net, Worldofwar.net and Starcraftwire.net

I am now adding bits of Diablo lore to the Diablowiki. I welcome Blizzplanet’s visitors to help and participate in making entries.

The Great Conflict is the term for the eternal war between Heaven and Hell preceding the creation of Sanctuary. The Diablo II game manual offered a lot of lore not found in-game or in novels. For that matter, we have made updates to DiabloWiki to make this lore available and at your reach.

DiabloWiki.net is growing by the day, and remember that you can make a difference even with a small thing such as a few data updates on a page, or adding a link here or there to serve the community in general.  Your help will allow fans to look up characters, locations, spells, items, runes and more with the advent of Diablo III.

Feel free to read the Great Conflict and other stories from the game manual.

2009 Road to Worlds WoW TCG World Championship

Upper Deck Announces the 2009 Road to Worlds for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game World Championship to be held Oct 8-11, 2009 in Austin , TX Over $250,000 in Cash and Prizes at Stake!

You can find the 2009 Organized Play Schedule here.

Hot on the heels of the 2008 World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) World Championship Tournament held this past weekend in Paris , France , Upper Deck announced the complete 2009

Blizzcon 2008: The Molecular Disrupter

Blizzcon attendees had the opportunity to play the Starcraft II demo. The Molecular Disrupter from the Nullifier is a new ability that caused some players curiousity. Karune shares some details about its concept and proper use in the battlefield; and some important info such as how much damage it does and its energy cost.

Karune: The Molecular Disrupter is a new ability we are testing out on the Nullifier, in which the unit fires a psionic projectile which bounces between units of the same type, doing 10 damage with each hit, up to a maximum of 10 bounces. Thus, if you were to use this ability on 2 Marines (with 40 hit points each, not upgraded), both Marines would die easily. If there were 3 Marines, it would kill 1 Marine and leave the last two at 10 hp each. Currently, the ability costs 125 energy.

Stats are of course all subject to balance.

The Seismic Thumper is no longer in the multiplayer game, but was originally dropped on the battlefield, which slows all units within it’s radius by 50% (including friendlies). The only way to stop it was to destroy the Seismic Thumper itself.

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The Usefulness of the Colossus

Karune elaborated and defended how the Colossus unit stands above other Protoss AOE units in certain situations. If you will go with Colossus in your strategy, your best choice is to get three of them to support your units in offensive attacks if you catch the enemy with medivac.

There have been some questions about the Colossus’ utility on my website’s forums. stebo88 and I have been speculating about possible uses for this 6 food monster. stebo88 used it at Blizzcon to fight some Zerglings and he had to retreat due to the Colossus’ low damage (he did get to use its cliff climbing abilities though, the one positive aspect of the situation). In addition to its seeming uselessness, the Colossus costs a large amount of resources…

So I want to ask…what makes the Colossus worth its price? Are the Thermal Lances stronger than stebo thought them to be (against another class of units perhaps)?

Karune: In my opinion, the Colossus is the most effective when you have more than one. Three seems to be my optimal number, especially against Terran. Medivacs heal at a very fast rate, but only one target at a time. Against a group of Marines with a Medivac, one single Colossus would do virtually nothing, because the damage would be healed through easily. With three Colossi, the Marines would die in one sweep, negating any healing that could be done. A single Colossus is good at softening targets, but with more rapid healing from Medivacs and new units like Roaches, it may not be enough. At that point, you need enough to kill them in one sweep, and when you do have that, it will do significant damage to any army, especially with the additional range upgrade for the Colossus. 

Karune, what are your thoughts on the Colossus attack mechanic? While the numbers can be adjusted in accordance to balance, there’s concern that the current attack mechanic is itself a flaw in that it’s too situational. Has your team considered enhancing it in any ways, or adding more control to the attack pattern is etches into the ground?

Karune: Even though the beam is currently shown visually in various ways, the damage is done to all units in that straight line at the same time instantly. That line will always be based on the position you are attacking from, so in that way there is a lot of control as how to use the Colossus.

I definitely wouldn’t say the Colossus is too situational either cause this unit is quite useful in both Zerg and Terran matchups. As long as in these matchups, both players continue to adapt to counter each other’s strategies, Colossi will surely be brought to the battlefield.

But what benefits do Colossi have over using units like High Templar or Archons for Zerglings and such? The only differentiating mechanic is the ability to walk up and down cliffs, which is situational in most cases because not every map will be entrenched with cliffs. It seems like Archons will generally be an all-around better unit for fighting the units that the Colossi is also good at.

Karune: It is true, they all do some form of AoE, but they are very much different from each other. Archons have a range of 2. Colossi have a range of 6, and with the upgrade that becomes 9, as well as increasing the area in which takes damage. The range of the Colossus is what makes it such a great support unit, as well as an awesome raider from cliffs. Additionally, all competitive maps will have cliffs to some degree.


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PTR 3.0.3 Patch Notes

The PTR 3.0.3 Patch Notes are available. To put it in a nutshell, this patch adds lots of goodies to each class, with barely any nerf.  Glyphs have been updated with favoring changes.  Alchemy elixirs got a bit of a nerf to compensate for class changes. Certain Hunter pets got smacked by the nerf bat.  Read the full patch notes after the break.

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.0.3


  • Shadowmeld: The cooldown will now start on use instead of on break.
  • Devouring Plague: The bonus coefficient has been increased to be on par with other DoT spells. Base damage on ranks 7,8, and 9 decreased to partially compensate for better scaling.

Wrath of the Lich King - Ice Crown Questline - Opportunity

I have been playing Icecrown Glacier quests. A buddy told me about the quest OPPORTUNITY (given by Koltiras at Doom’s Hammer quest hub). You are sent to a hole beneath Icecrown Citadel that is said represents a strategical weakness to the citadel’s defenses (Think Star Wars’ Death Star fire-in-the-hole scene).

You end up blowing it up and falling down the hole into Azjol-Nerub’s outdoor Forgotten Depths. There you fight Faceless Ones, and find a boy’s ghost named Matthias Lehner (a play of words / anagram: Arthas Menethil). The Second video shows that you can play as Arthas the Lich King using Frostmourne to kill 200 Lordaeron footment, to rise them as ghouls to do your bidding. Instead of mana, Arthas consumes the scourge he rises to increase his powers. Matthias Lehner explains we are approaching Arthas the wrong way, for as killing hordes of undead, does nothing in the end as he rises more through the Alliance and Horde’s casualties.

World of Warcraft# 15 - January 2009: The Return of Garona Halforcen

Lore Fans, It is time for a delightful discussion about the return of this enigmatic character from Warcraft: Orcs and Humans RTS Game and character from the novel Warcraft: The Last Guardian. Garona Halforcen is returning in the upcoming January 2009 issue of World of Warcraft # 15 according to solicitations from DC Comics / Wildstorm.

The last time Garona was seen in the MMO, she was a high ranking member of the Ravenholdt Manor faction during the original World of Warcraft beta (2004). Shortly after, Garona’s model was removed without explanation. It’s good to know she’s returning at least in the comic book. Here’s hoping her renewed model is added to the game. Chris Metzen joked about a year ago to dare him to bring her as Thrall’s mate.

For those who are new to Warcraft universe, Garona was a half-orc hybrid. The Last Guardian book written by Jeff Grubb stated she was from a human-like race. Lot of arguments have risen over the years whether she is half-draenei. That was denied before, but at this point it is uncertain what race spawned her. The comic book will hopefully fill in the gap and reveal it. Garona and Khadgar fought Sargeras/Medivh at the basement of Kharazhan in the novel. She was magically controlled by Sargeras/Medivh to be his puppet, by heading to Stormwind to slay King Llane Wrynn against her will.  Will her return have anything to do with the assassination plans against Thrall from within the Shattered Hand clan?  Will King Varian Wrynn seek vengeance against Garona for the assassination of his father? The Comic book is just getting better and better. I very much look forward to reading this new story arc. Get your copy on January 21.

Live Chat about the Return of Garona. Join in here.

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More discussion at ScrollsofLore.


The road back to Theramore begins here! After the events of the last arc, King Varian and Prince Anduin must return home. But who will return with them? And what role will Garona Halforcen play in this next quest?

On sale January 21

Blizzard: We are not Milking Starcraft 2

Edge Online interviewed Blizzard PR Bob Colayco at Blizzcon. One of the questions aimed for a statement confirming if Battle.net 2.0 would have some monthly fee for gameplay. It’s not been confirmed, nor is official at this point. Colayco said they are following the same philosophy model with World of Warcraft when it comes to varying business models in each region.

That was somewhat vague. Whatever happened with “yes” or “no” simple answers? What do you think? Paid subscription fee would be ok with you for multiplayer?  A Hellgate: London type of model with a free gameplay aspect, plus a paid subscription fee for extra bonuses? or a fee for tournaments only? I would vote for tournaments fee. After all the prizes go up to $50,000+. If they can pay that much for prizes, then its participants or the tournament committee could afford it. Share your comments.

Edge: There are also a couple other things floating around from Blizzcon. Paying for extra services on Battle.net

Starcraft 2 Trilogy - The Return of Wraith, Goliath and Vulture

An interview with Chris Sigaty, Dustin Browder and Bob Colayco about the StarCraft II trilogy is available. There are some quite good answers in it, and should probably calm down many upset and worried fans. A lot of this is already covered in my StarCraft II Wrap-Up from BlizzCon, but one really interesting piece of information was mentioned about Single Player being a “tutorial” to multiplayer, a bit like StarCraft I was intended, and what we actually will see in Single Player. They now basically treat it as a game quite separate from multiplayer, and this might have been overlooked of the news value in the interview: Goliaths, Wraiths and Vultures return in StarCraft II! We might also see some “overpowered prototypes” from the StarCraft Universe “rescued” from the Dominion by Jim Raynor.

Read more details and share your comments with the community.

WoW Comic Book - The Return of a Long Forgotten Hero

On Monday, DC comics is allowing websites to post the preview of January’s World of Warcraft comic book by Wildstorm. I am so dying to tell everyone that brief and short paragraph that will make lore fans go ZOMG!

A long-forgotten hero is returning in this comic book, which heralds a possible return in the MMO. Stay tuned, Monday, 5pm EST for the unveiling of the preview solicitations.

Will the return of this enigmatic hero character mean the impending and foretold doom of one of the faction leaders? Will the opposite faction leader seek vengeance for reasons of his own?

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Lore Chat: What Story would you love in Book Format?

As you can see at the top of the news, there is a pending live blogging window. Get back around 5pm EST (-5GMT) to discuss with me and other fans what you would love to read in upcoming Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo novels.

This is a lore community discussion. And there is a reason for this. Just trust me on that one. I will be gathering your feedback, and forwarding them to the proper channels above.

Ghostcrawler on Paladin Changes

Ghostcrawler highlighted a few of the plans aimed at enhancing the Paladin talent trees.

Ghostcrawler: Here are some things we are looking at right now. You may not agree with them all, but I will share them with you in the hopes of making you feel better about your class, and maybe even getting you excited again. I also can’t promise they are final because it’s still the sort of thing we’re wrestling with, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone if it doesn’t work out or we change our minds. Okay, massive caveats out of the way:

  • We’d like to do something else with Kings. I don’t know that a core ability is the answer, but burying it deep in Prot, when Prot paladins would just as soon play with BoSanc, doesn’t feel great either.
  • We’d like to mess around with the top 2 tiers of all 3 trees, still encouraging you to cross-spec a little, but making that initial bite into the upper tier more tasty instead of just an icky appetizer to get the what you really want down deeper.
  • I think Beacon of Light is starting to feel pretty good. It may be a little OP right now, but I think we can get it in a good place.
  • We’d like to get Vengeance back to 3 stacks, because that just feels more fun than 2. I can almost assure you that it won’t be at 15% total damage—that is hugely generous for 5 talent points, and would normally be budgeted at more like 15 talent points. If I had to guess, it will end up at something like 3 talent points for 1 / 2 / 3% that stacks up to 3 times (so 9% at 3 stacks). That is still over-inflated for 3 talent points. I understand that your dps used to depend on Vengeance. We’ll just have to buff it in other ways. Death Knights will get the exact same treatment, whatever it ends up being.
  • JotW was changed to support the new party buff system and it needs to keep that role. That is one of the main reasons why a group would want to take a Ret pally over another dps class. I understand your mana was dependent on this ability. We’ll just have to buff that in other ways as well. Having too many talents that just lower mana costs feel like a band-aid, so we’d rather not overdo that route. Instead we’d just like to make sure you have enough mana. The new Divine Plea is one mechanic here (it works more like Blood Rage than Evocate now), but it’s not the only one.
  • Deep Ret and deep Prot need 1 or 2 more cool talents. We’ll carve out room by bundling or just swapping out some of the current talents.

I hope you take this little view into our current thought process in the spirit that it’s given. Sometimes we regret talking about stuff that isn’t final because it ends up coming back to bite us. But I also thought it wouldn’t hurt to cheer you up a little either, so hopefully something I’ve said will do that.

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Canada & Korea Arena Tournaments Live Video Streams

The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge tour will be live streamed by ESL this weekend if you are interested in witnessing the World of Warcraft Arena competition among the best players worldwide.

The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge tour is taking place at the Montreal Olympic Stadium in Canada this weekend, October 17-19. Many of the world

Wrath of the Lich King DVD Installer Version 3.0.1

It is recommended that you create a DVD Backup of your Burning Crusade 3.0.2 files, and/or refrain from deleting the patch files until the release of the expansion.  Vaneras informs that the Wrath of the Lich King DVD installer contains version 3.0.1.  Looks like some people might have version validation issues at launch if they don’t follow these instructions.

The Wrath of the Lich King DVD contains the installer for patch version 3.0.1. This means installing the expansion will require you to patch back up to the latest version of the game after installation. Since you will have already downloaded all of the patches prior to Wrath of the Lich King’s launch, you will not need to download them again, unless you delete them.

Which means, we highly encourage players avoid deleting any 3.0.x patches until after the installation of Wrath of the Lich King.Of course if you would like to hang on to these patch files just in case you need to reinstall the game at a later date, you’re free to do so, as it would save you the time of having to re-download them.

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Echoes of Doom Doomed Pets & Mounts

The recent patch 3.0.2 dubbed Echoes of Doom caused a major bug when pets and mounts went missing from their inventory and pet tab for many days.  Blizzard has hotfixed this issue and the lost items have been mostly returned to players’ characters via mailbox. The following is a message attached to your returned pets & mounts.

Greetings! It looks like a few pets got away from their owners during the excitement of Patch 3.0.2, Echoes of Doom. We guess they got scared off by rumors of the Lich King coming soon!

After you learned to summon them, some of your pets or mounts may have gone into hiding: so we’re returning them to you … If you still know how to summon them, enjoy these items as souvenirs!

There may be a few pets missing, but our GM’s will be happy to find them for you.  Just let us know by sending in a ticket.

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BlizzCon 2008 - World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon Q&A

Under peril of getting stomped by the crowd through Hall B at Blizzcon in the Anaheim Convention Center, I made my way through lots of lore fans to reach Christie Golden and Richard A. Knaak to say hello and handshake them. I was glad to see Richard again, even if briefly. He is a very charismatic, humble and friendly person. I had met him earlier at the New York Comic Con where he toured me through all Blizzard licensed product booths presenting me as one of his most valuable cheerleaders—I was so flattered.

Anyway, fast-forward, I met him again at BlizzCon and sadly couldn’t get a video interview for reasons not relevant now, on my end. However, Richard knew since a week earlier my intentions to corner him about World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon (due November 18th) and other upcoming projects.

Without further ado, here is our interview with Richard A. Knaak. Learn interesting details about:

Visit our interviews section.

2009 WoW Trading Card Game World Championship Tournament

Today marks the first official day of the 2008 World of Warcraft TCG World Championships.  Live coverage of the event will be available all weekend at WoWTCG.com.

As part of Upper Deck’s continuing effort to provide players as much information as possible, the dates and location of the 2009 World of Warcraft TCG World Championship Tournament were announced during the player’s meeting of the 2008 Worlds, which kicked off Friday morning in Paris.

Here at the 2008 World Championship, more than 400 players have gathered for the main event, representing over 30 countries. The Tournament will take place over three days, culminating in the finals event on Sunday, when the 2008 World of Warcraft TCG World Champion will be crowned.

In addition to the main event, the 2008 World Champion Tournament hosts many different side events, offering tournaments and other contests for even the most casual player.  Visit WoWTCG.com for more information on both the 2008 and the 2009 World of Warcraft TCG World Championship Tournaments.

Upper Deck Announces the 2009 World of Warcraft Trading Card Game World Championship Tournament to be held in Austin, Texas October 8-11, 2009.

Over $250,000 in Cash and Prizes at Stake! Paris, France (10 October, 2008)

Blizzard Impervious To Wall Street Stock Implosion

The US Wall Street stocks plummeted at least twice in the past few weeks breaking overall history records. Value of homes have skydived to the dry ground. The economy—the real life hurting one – has been fractured in the pockets of millions of people in USA, and the chain reaction has been felt in other countries. However, one of many companies have been impervious to this wave of recession: Blizzard Entertainment.

One would think with the recent Activision Blizzard merger, the stocks would go down to smithereens. That’s not the case according to Blizzard Vice-President of Game Design … Rob Pardo.  MTV got this quote from Pardo at BlizzCon on film.

Rob Pardo, Executive Vice President, Blizzard Entertainment: Historically for us, the game industry hasn

Blizzcon 2008: World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King

We headed to BlizzCon 2008 in Anaheim, California to bring you everything about Wrath of the Lich King, Diablo III, Stracraft II. But we also went to gather info about Blizzard licensed products. I had the pleasure of meeting Christie Golden for first time (and Richard A. Knaak for the second time) at the Tokyopop booth on Hall B.

They were book signing and saluting lore fans who read their novels. Recently, I gathered a few questions from the community and pitched them to Christie Golden. I think some lore fans are gonna be quiet happy to learn these few bits of details about her upcoming:


1. Will we learn anything about Calia Menethil and her fate? Personally, I find her to have great potential in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and future stories. Calia could be a high ranking member of the argent dawn and marry Tirion Fordring for example. Be among the leaders sending us into Ice Crown and maybe help in taking her brother down. There is a lot of anger emotions, sense of justice for the death of their beloved father and kingdom that could be explored with this character.

Christie: Calia is a very interesting character indeed, and I agree, I think there’s a lot of potential with her.  The story arc though will be concentrating on Arthas’s past, so while we’ll see a bit more of Calia in ARTHAS, it won’t be anything really startling.

2. Which aspects of the life of Arthas are you going to explore? This doesn’t look like a book that remains static in a particular time-frame. It seems like you’ll be progressing through various stages of his life.

Christie: We first meet Arthas in Chapter One as a ten-year-old prince. I’ll cover some incidents in his life as he’s growing up (don’t want to give too much away) that will hopefully shed some light on how grows into the man he will eventually become.  And we’ll see quite a bit of Jaina, too.

3. Why was the book title changed to World of Warcraft: Arthas, The Rise of the Lich King?

Christie: We originally decided on ARTHAS, and that’s still the main title. “Rise of the Lich King” is a subtitle, and hopefully will help catch the eyes of people who are playing the expansion, “Wrath of the Lich King”.  Just a little bit of sound marketing!

4. Are we gonna see that time when Arthas visited Quel’Thalas in his youth? He referenced this visit in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Christie: No … but we’ll have new takes on the very important time he visited Quel’Thalas. >.>

5. Are you going to expand the High Elven culture in this book in more detail than previous books?

Christie: I’ll definitely be touching on it, as it does affect the storyline and two very pivotal characters are elven.

6. According to World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal, Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider was one of the Six leaders of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. I can see why the romance between Jaina and Kael could happen. She was student of Archmage Antonidas. Are we going to see some love interaction between them? Maybe some jealousy or rivalry between Arthas and Kael?  Or Blackmail from Kael to Jaina?
Christie: *wicked grin* Oh, we’ll definitely see some Jaina/Kael/Arthas interaction.  And it’s not going to be very pretty.

7. What other characters should we look forward to appear?

Christie: I hope that there will be many characters here that readers will enjoy seeing—Arthas’s family, Jaina, Antonidas, Kael, Sylvanas, Uther, Blackmoore, Taretha, and some new ones as well.

Thanks again for all your support!


We want your feedback. Share your comments. If some good questions show up, I won’t mind forwarding them for a follow up. Expect our Richard A. Knaak Q&A soon.

BlizzCon 2008: Blizzard’s Rob Pardo on Diablo 3, Starcraft 2

Joystiq interviewed VP of Game Design Rob Pardo who says Blizzard wants Diablo III to be more RPG/lore immersive than Diablo II. At this point, they haven’t discussed measures against auctioning items on eBay or other sites that dedicate to ruin the in-game economy for real life profit, but that’s something that is on the table. PvP is also being discussed by the team. The Skill Trees are not final, and will continue to evolve during development. As for those who wondered if the demo would be released, Pardo says nay. However, there may be some hands-on gameplay in future trade show events.

One of our goals with Diablo 3 was to really to add a lot more role-playing game feel to it. I think that some of the knock on the previous games is that it’s too action based, that you don’t get enough story, that you don’t have RPG choices. That’s something we really want to add to Diablo 3, but we’re not going to slow it down. We have to keep it fast paced, we don’t want it to be a game where you’re slogging it out through dialogue trees. This system is a great example, we’re really evolving it a lot to make sure we make the right decision to make the game fast-paced.

Share your comments

Blizzard: Warhammer players already returning to Warcraft

Paul Sams stated that most of the players who discontinued to play World of Warcraft to play Warhammer Online have returned to World of Warcraft. And that probably because they weren’t in beta to play Wrath of the Lich King … once they play that they won’t care about any other MMOs—hah!

While a number of World of Warcraft users dropped the widely popular MMO to play EA’s recently released Warhammer Online, more than half of those gamers have already returned to Blizzard’s market-leader.

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