World of Warcraft: Ashbringer # 2 - Preview Scans

Blizzard and Wildstorm Comics have just released a preview scan of the first pages of World of Warcraft: Ashbringer # 2.  This comic book is full of awesomeness starting from the art style, to the coloring schemes using heavy orange gradients, blue, green and teal for backgrounds. It is a definite change from the original ongoing series.  The story is set in the past when Mograine (the father) was alive.  In this second issue, the scans show the Forsaken’s arrival to the Ruins of Lordaeron to start construction of Undercity.

The preview reveals some of the rivalry and jealousy between Renault Mograine and his brother Darion, which may explain the betrayal. Renault built a lot of anger toward his father. He worked hard to make a reputation as one of the best soldiers, yet won’t have recognition and love from his father, as much as he would for Darion.

This issue introduces the new Troll priest hero: Zabra Hex.  If the name sounds familiar, it is.  Zabra Hex is one of the DC Unlimited Action Figures announced about a year ago. It’s hard to judge from the preview, but it looks like a very interesting story. The Zabra Hex plot is something many would like to pursue reading.  It’s a troll who took shelter in one of the Silver Hand’s buildings and read the books.  Understanding, the troll prayed, and the Light answered. Read more after the break.

Wrath of the Lich King - Icecrown Bombing Daily Quest

The pre-requirements to unlock this Icecrown Glacier Daily Quest are fulfilled by talking to Chief Engineer Cooperclaw—aboard the Doom’s Hammer Gunship (Horde).  The Alliance has its own version aboard its own gunship.  After completing all his quests, you unlock “Green Technology”, which sends you to the north toward Aldur’thar Gate. High in the air (on a cloaked platform surrounded by a green-dome), you get the daily quest from a female goblin: Fringe Engineer Tezzla.

The old Ogril’a bombing days are a thing of the past.  Now this is for the pros. You are now a true hotshot. In this new and exciting Daily Quest, you fly aboard an airplane. You can’t control its flight, but you can control the gun and bomb-dropping. It’s a really cool daily quest bombing mechanic. You get three different UI Frames. Read more and watch the video after the break.

The Scourge Plague is Over … Orgrimmar’s Razing Cometh?

The Scourge Zombie Plague Invasion is over, but the war continues.  Although fans accuse Blizzard for ending the plague under speculation that they caved in to certain whinning from a few fans, that’s proven false.  Everything has been planned all along.  The plague ended with the arrival of Grand Apothecary Putress.

I have come from the future, my brothers. I have seen the frozen wastelands. I have faced Arthas many a time. I have beheld the fall of heroes, and have fought alongside them. From the future, I bring you knowledge. (Those sensitive to spoilers, shouldn’t read any of this article past this warning. Heavy spoilers from Wrath of the Lich King beneath)

Thrall: “The demon lord, Varimathras, and the Forsaken’s chief apothecary, Putress, are responsible for this betrayal. Yes, the same Putress responsible for discovering the cure for the recent Scourge plague outbreak.”—(Spoiler: Herald of War)

Thrall’s future self told me this. I saw Putress and his Apothecaries rain down the new Forsaken plague onto Alliance, Horde and Scourge with equal hatred. He who had cured the plague here, and now in the present shall be the betrayer of Sylvanas and the Horde. Heed my call!

I will share with you another wisdom from the future, from where I have cometh. I met Garrosh and Saurfang in Borean Tundra. And he confirmed my fears. Orgrimmar was razed … or in your case, here in the present, the time is nigh … look.  Look upon the sky.  A Necropolis hovers above. It

Win a Blood Elf Rogue vs Draenei Paladin Diorama Contest

Sideshow Collectible is kicking Halloween’s eve with an awesome contest where the prize is a World of Warcraft Diorama: Blood Elf Rogue vs. Draenei Paladin.

Contest Details

Start Date: Oct 28, 2008 11:15am PT
End Date: Oct 28, 2008 2:00pm PT

Winners: Our Spooktacular contests continue with a chance to win these battling fantasy characters. TWO (2) randomly selected winners who enter the CORRECT answer before the cut-off time will walk away with this World of Warcraft Diorama!

The name of the winner will be posted here after the contest closes. The potential winner will be contacted by email with confirmation instructions, so watch your inbox!

Starcraft II Q&A - Batch 45

Karune has released the latest Starcraft II Q&A Batch 45 with some cool information. Thanks, Handclaw.

Chat with Devs: After BlizzCon, it has been very exciting to see all the feedback from the fans and pro players about the latest build of StarCraft II. There was lots of noted feedback about both the Colossus and the Nydus Worms (which we are currently polling on right now in the gameplay forum:

). At my most recent meeting with Dustin, we decided to chat about some of the lesser focused on topics, that have undergone quite a few changes since the original StarCraft.

The first topic was about hallucination, a classic Protoss ability, that honestly did not get that much use in the original StarCraft. To make it more interesting, Dustin explained how the ability has been brought down in tech to the Nullifier. Additionally, hallucination could be used to create units in which the player doesn

Fans Chat: Zombie Invasion World Event

Maticus ( and I will be chatting with fans about the Scourge Zombie Invasion world event.  We would love to listen to the fans: your impressions about the world event, annoyance, things you loved, ideas on how to do future world events, etc. Anything to do with what we consider the best world event in World of Warcraft to date. A special gift will be randomly given away at the end of the session.

When: Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Time: 7:00pm EST (-5GMT New York) / 11:00pm (London)
Where: The script above the news.

All you need to do is click the script above the news, and wait until the session has started at the suggested time.

World of Warcraft Downloads for Your Phone

Do you have a mobile phone? Do you love Blizzard Games? Solid sale. Grab one of the 65 pieces of content available from the Blizzard Mobile store including ringtones.

Carry a little piece of Azeroth wherever your real-world travels take you with our new World of Warcraft-themed wallpapers and ringtones for your phone. We’ve just launched a new service in the United States that lets you download content related to your favorite Blizzard Entertainment games to supported mobile phones. Currently, these wallpapers and ringtones are available through carriers AT&T, Cellular One, Sprint, and Verizon; support for T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile is coming soon.

Over 65 pieces of content are currently available, including ringtones of World of Warcraft’s capital city themes and the distinctive murloc gurgle, as well as wallpapers featuring character artwork, class and faction emblems, and more. Visit the new Mobile Ringtones and Wallpapers page for more information—and while you’re there, be sure to check out our StarCraft and Diablo mobile content, too.

New US Free Character Transfers

Blizzard has announced free transfers from selected realms to a brand new realm. If your guild or you alone wish to make the move, follow the instructions.

Bornakk: We will be offering free character moves from a selected high population realm to a lower populated realm, assisting in population dispersal. The ability to move a character on the selected source realms will become available on Tuesday, October 28 at 12:00PM PDT, and are scheduled to run until Tuesday, November 4 at 12:00PM PDT.

In the event that these realms meet our transfer goals before the scheduled end date, the transfers to that realm will be disabled. We highly recommend that if you are planning to transfer that you do so at your earliest convenience. No characters will be eligible for these free moves once the transfers have been closed.

Once the transfers open you can begin your transfer by visiting the Character Move page located here:

Source A (PvE)

Destination A (PvE)

Source B (PvE)
Area 52

Destination B (PvE)

Source C (RP-PvE)
Moon Guard
Argent Dawn

Destination C (RP-PvE)
Sisters of Elune

Source D (PvP)

Destination D (PvP)

Source E (Oceanic PvP)

Destination E (Oceanic PvP)

Zombie Invasion World Event Ends

Tigole has announced the Zombie Invasion world event has come to an end with the introduction of Grand Apothecary Putress. Fans are speculating that Blizzard gave in to the ire and complaints to end it earlier. Blizzard however reassures it ended because that’s how it had been planned.

Indeed—Beta players know that this is how things should be.  The introduction of Grand Apothecary Putress makes sense.  As you read a few months ago when I posted the Wrathgate and the Battle For the Undercity videos, the main character behind all these Wrath of the Lich King events was Grand Apothecary Putress.

According to the beta, Putress was the savior of the Lich King’s plague by finding a cure. However, Putress betrays the Horde and even Sylvanas later on in the expansion.  I can vouch that the end of the Zombie Invasion is on schedule as planned.

Share your comments with other Wow Fans.

Tigole: While we recognize that the event could prove to be disruptive at times, we hope you made the most out of it while it lasted. Part of playing in a “living and breathing world” means that things are going to change from time to time. We meant no harm but only wanted to create a lasting impression on players as they head to Northrend to defeat the Lich King. The Lich King’s goals (as you will soon learn) are to turn the Horde and Alliance not only on one another, but on their own kind as well. I think the plague truly demonstrated this firsthand.

So it looks like a cure has finally been found

Zombie Invasion Phase 6

Early today Necropolises have appeared near major cities and the events of the past days have been just the tip of the iceberg for what seems to come nearing November.

  • A necropolis floats near Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Probably other cities.
  • Flameshocker (Skeleton) level 63 elite attack NPCs in major cities
  • Argent Dawn Initiate gives a special magical weapon to fight the invasion

Tenris Mirkblood and Arcanite Ripper Video

Tenris Mirkblood is one of the bosses introduced in the Zombie Invasion Phase 4.  He can be found inside Karazhan.  Kill Attumen the Huntsman, and go up the stables’ stairs.  Once above, there are two doors. One to your left and one in front of the stairs.  Take the one in front of the stairs.  Not to far you will find a closed door on your right-side.  Tenris Mirkblood will start his emotes in red text.

The tank must be the one to open the door as Tenris will aggro very likely.  He has two abilities you should worry about:

  • Blood Mirror: Basically you will see a blood torrent flowing from Tenris on to a random player.  While this is been casted, the player will get the damaged equal to the damage the raid causes Tenris.  So, don’t go all out DPS on Tenris or you might wipe half your raid very fast. Healers must focus big heal spams on the affected random player. You can remove yourself from Blood Mirror by using ice block, divine shield, feign death, etc.
  • Sanguine Spirit: Stop casting and move away from these spheres if you are wearing cloth.  These can do between 6-10k shadow damage when they explode.  Just move when they are within 5-yards of you. For the love of Thrall, don’t AOE them or you will wipe the raid. Treat these as you would the first boss in Tempest Keep: Mechanar. The best and secure way to kill him without casualties is to kite him through the hallway. There’s plenty of space in the room you came from. The Sanguine Spirit move very slow.

    The video below shows you what happens when the raid doesn’t move away from the Sanguine Spirits, or goes all DPS during Blood Mirror.  I had to explain the event to the raid.  Our second attempt was cleaner and we killed him.  Everyone in the raid can loot a Vampiric Batling pet.  At the end of the video, you can see the Arcanite Ripper weapon loot in action transforming you into Guitar Hero.

    The Arcanite Ripper is a rare drop, and Tigole just mentioned Tenris will spawn for only 10 days. You only have two chances to kill him and loot this rare item.

    Share your comments with other WoW Fans.

Zombie Invasion Phase 5: Plagued Vermin

The Zombie Invasion world event just hit Phase 5 early before 3am EST today Sunday, October 26th. As I was checking the backdoor entrance to Orgrimmar, many plagued vermin could be seen rushing through into the upper level of Orgrimmar. What’s new? Contrary to the plagued roaches which NPCs completely ignore, NPCs do react against the plagued vermin by killing them and getting instantly infested themselves.

With a timer of two minutes, it doesn’t take long for NPCs to transform into plagued zombies. Since a single NPC can kill one Plagued Vermin at a time, the other bunches of vermin keep running deeper into Orgrimmar. In conclusion, we just got into a chain reaction that will keep guards and vendors diseased pretty quick. Keep in mind all those people who go AFK in the cities, and those busy selling stuff, checking the bank or the AH won’t be able to react fast enough to incoming zombies attacking from behind.

It’s just early in the morning, and thus far this is the first indication of Phase 5. We have a very long day ahead of us. I will update any new surprises awaiting us. Below is video of the large group of plagued vermin rushing into Orgrimmar. Share your comments with other WoW fans.

Zombie Invasion Phase 4 - Necropolises

The Zombie Invasion world event Phase 4 has begun. Necropolises have spawned all around the world. It is a full scale invasion similar to the Naxxramas World Event. Argent Dawn tents may be found in all major cities as a repository of updated status across the invaded regions. You can keep track of the world event by talking to the Argent Messenger.

Contribute by populating the Zombie Invasion page in the WorldofWar Wiki.

Argent Messenger: The time has come for Horde and Alliance to look towards Northrend and the invasion of the Lich King.  In recent days, territories across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms have come under attack.  Will you take up arms to save your land from destruction at their hands?

What’s Happening?

Argent Messenger: The tides of war have come again. From the cold north, the Lich King’s necropolises have laid siege to our lands.  He sends flying necropolises to invade across the world.

What can I do?

Argent Messenger: The Scourge are establishing small staging points in the places under attack, receiving communications and other assistance from the necropolises that fly overhead.  From what we can tell, the only way to root them out is by killing the ground forces that surround the points.

Where are we battling the Scourge?

The Lich King brought only small forces to bear against each of Azeroth’s capital cities, while their main forces periodically attack the following lands:

Azshara, the Blasted Lands, the Burning Steppes, the Tanaris Desert, the Eastern Plaguelands and Winterspring.

Is Azshara currently under attack?

Argent Messenger: The Scourge infestation grows in Azshara.  Every able bodied warrior is needed to stem the tide of their invasion.

Number of Necropolises remaining: 2.

Are the Burning Steppes currently under attack?

Argent Messenger: If additional support is not soon sent to the Burning Steppes, I fear the Scourge will establish a base of operations there.  If you can, you should go there to aid the defenders.

Number of Necropolises remaining: 2.

Are the Eastern Plaguelands currently under attack?

Argent Messenger: The Scourge infestation grows in the Eastern Plaguelands. Every able bodied warrior is needed to stem the tide of their invasion.

Number of Necropolises remaining: 1.

Is Tanaris under attack?

Argent Messenger: It seems the army of the Scourge has come to Tanaris.  A significant number of their necropolises and other forces have been dispatched there.

Number of Necropolises remaining: 3.

Is Winterspring currently under attack?

Argent Messenger: Indeed, the hills of Winterspring are currently attempting to withstand a renewed Scourge assault.  Your assistance would help them greatly.

Number of Necropolises remaining: 3.

How many battles have we won?

Argent Messenger: We have won 0 battles against the Scourge.  Gird yourself, (name), for this war is far from over.

Argent Outfitter: The Argent Dawn coordinates the Scourge’s opposition at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands.  Go there for instructions.

New Europe Realms: Terokkar & Azuremyst

Blizzard has added two new Europe Realms for those who wish to start anew with level 1 characters. For now there won’t be migration services to these two realms. Expect more realms after Wrath of the Lich King.

The basics
Realm names: Azuremyst and Terokkar
Language: English
Realm type: Normal (PvE)
Battlegroup: Ruin
Migration: No
Realm forums:

In more words wink
Today we’re opening two new English Normal/PvE realms, named Azuremyst and Terokkar, in the Ruin Battlegroup. These are fresh realms, thus no migration will be allowed to the realms during the first months.

The realms will open this afternoon/evening.

Please note that the starting areas may be quite flooded in the beginning, and the population cap is intentionally set a bit lower than normal to not have them even more flooded. The cap will be raised over the coming days as the population spreads out more.

Update 17:30 CEST: realms are now live. Enjoy!—source

Hallowed’s End Achievement To Be Removed

You have completed all the Hallow’s End achievements and all quests except that darned achievement that requires you to gain all those twenty masks that never seem to drop from the Innkeepers. Fret not.  Tigole himself has confirmed A Mask for All Occasions achievement will be removed soon.  What does that mean for you? Oh yea, you will get your Hallow’s End title instantly if you have finished all other achievements. Cheers!

For the record, I have only managed to get two masks. I completed most of the achievements except the masks gathering that is now to be removed.  Got my Hallowed Helm, so all I need is the Sinister Squashling to get the Hallow’s End title.

Share your comments with other WoW Fans.

Hallow’s End Complete Guide

Hallow’s End will expire on November 2 at 4am EST.  You still have time to complete all the quests and achievements. Maticus has compiled an excellent Hallow’s End Guide that will help you locate where to find all the available quests throughout the world of Azeroth.  I am not into doing seasonal quests besides the brewfest, but after checking the guide I decided to go through all the steps. Thus far I have done most of the achievements thanks to the guide.

Make sure to contribute to the wiki page.

Zombie Plague World Event - Phase 2

The pre-Wrath of the Lich King Zombie Plague world event has reached phase 2.  And it is obvious this is no longer a Hallow’s End event.  The first phase started with mysterious crates appearing along the Booty Bay platforms. From there, fans would be spreading the plague throughout cities.

On phase 2, which started early October 23, many crate stacks started appearing in all major cities in Azeroth, including Shattrath City’s Lower City in Outland. The difference is that the plague is now also spread through plagued roaches which are spread in every street of cities. This is no longer an isolated plague. It looks like it is heading into a major event as November 13 approaches.

And to be honest, there is no way to predict what the developers have in store for us when things are starting to look grim 20 days before Wrath of the Lich King is released. If I were you,  start amassing consumables and other raiding stuff into the guild bank. It is doubtful bankers or Auctioneers will stay alive long enough to do anything very soon. Below are videos of each Horde city and the locations of the crates and roaches. Share your comments with other WoW fans.


UDE Announces WoW Miniatures Game Demo Kits

With the launch of the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game drawing ever closer, Upper Deck is really starting to ramp up on that brand.  In fact, Upper Deck sent free demo kits to over 1,500 hobby stores, so that the stores could provide free demos to anyone interested in the game.  The kits are arriving in stores this week, therefore you can visit your local store this weekend to check out the game.

Below is the full announcement.  Since the demos are free to gamers, Upper Deck would like to get the word out as much as possible, and hope that people visit their local store to learn the game.

Upper Deck Announces World of Warcraft

Starcraft II - Poll Suggestions Wanted

The Starcraft II Team needs your feedback in the form of a poll. I request all Blizzplanet visitors to please participate in this fansites + community effort to contribute poll suggestions for the Starcraft II Team and Karune.

In short, your suggestions might become official polls in upcoming weeks. And from that data collected the Starcraft II team could take decisions that could favor your idea in benefit of the community as a whole. Think wisely. Cooperate. Add up to the development of everyone’s favorite RTS game of all times. GJ!

Contribute by answering these three polls:

MTV: Rob Pardo Blizzard Tour

Rob Pardo (VP of Game Design) narrated MTV’s Blizzard Offices Tour through most of the facilities we were allowed to scout. The IncGamers staff and many fansites visited the new headquarters a day before Blizzcon.

It was a great experience to see the museum which covers concept art of all games ever released by Blizzard, all licensed products, and awards won. The lunch room and gym room show the Blizzard crew keeps a healthy environment. We were greeted with a great gourmet menu while talking to Dustin Browder, Jay Wilson and Jeff Kaplan.—source. Share your comments.

Starcraft II Beta on 2009

Leord reports video from Blizzcon reveals Starcraft II beta is expected on 2009. Let’s hope that means early 2009. It would be awesome if the first episode of the trilogy was released on Starcraft Anniversary. Otherwise, we could be looking at a similar date of Warcraft III release date.

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