World of Warcraft: Arthas Galley Giveaway

WoW Fans who have been craving to get their paws on World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King will have the opportunity to WIN one out of (ten) galleys by participating in this Blizzplanet giveaway. What is a galley? It is an Advance Reading Copy courtesy of Pocket Books. Here’s your chance to read the book before it’s released to the public! This galley will be on your hands a month earlier before it even reaches bookstores. Ten chances to win … sweet !!! (We will give more soon, stay tuned!)

The rules to participate are very simple and straight-forward. Follow all three steps:

1. Submit a screenshot of your World of Warcraft character standing alongside Arthas the Lich King.*
*Submit your screenshot to the email provided here.

2. Register here. Your password will be sent to your email inbox. You can change the password later. Once the registration is complete … Go to the World of Warcraft: Arthas pre-order page. Browse the left menu in that page and click the “Message Board” button.  Select the Blizzplanet – WoW: Arthas Link.  Post a comment at that thread explaining why you are interested in reading World of Warcraft: Arthas, and what do you love of this book.

3. Specify the username you used to register in the Simon & Schuster forum in your email when you submit the screenshot.

It is that simple.

The giveaway prizes are courtesy of Simon & Schuster. This giveaway ends on March 5th, 2009.

Pre-orders for World of Warcraft: Arthas are available here.

Helpful Tips: You can find Arthas the Lich King in some dungeons, in some Icecrown quests, and as a Death Knight lvl 55 and more. It would be helpful to make your comments based on knowledge about World of Warcraft: Arthas. So it would help you to read the book excerpt and to watch our recent video interview with Chris Metzen & Micky Neilson—who talk plenty about this book.

New York Comic Con 2009 Round Up

NYCC day two (Saturday) was awesome. I met Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson for the first time. I had been in contact with Metzen a few times in the past 6-8 months, but this is the first time we met face to face. It wasn’t possible to meet him when we visited the Blizzard offices on October the day prior to Blizzcon. So it was great to finally do.

I was quite surprised to find out that he visits Blizzplanet very often, and that he has seen my news at too. I really love the passion he puts on everything he works with. Both, Chris and Micky are very down to earth folks, very friendly, and humorous. Very geeky in the good sense. Heck, I’m geeky. I got over 1,600 comic books, all Blizzard games (non-arcade), all Warcraft RPG books and Pocket Star Books.  I have been covering Blizzard games and products news for a bit over six years now.  Am I geeky? Hell, yea.  Blizzplanet turns six years old this very month of February.

During the interview, Chris and Micky hinted Sargeras is not out of the picture. He will eventually return. That’s gonna be an epic fight to take down a renegade Titan. We are going to find out a lot about Arthas’s turmoil within his mind as he slept for the past years in order to regain his strength and control.  Those who read the excerpt know that in that lapse of time, Ner’zhul, Arthas and Matthias Lehner (the ghost child from Icecrown) are the three personnas within Arthas the Lich King during his slumber.

We will see Calia Menethil and the events of Day of the Dragon through the eyes of a young Arthas.  His love triangle with Jaina.  We will see Arthas’ thoughts the moment he disbanded the Order of the Silver Hand, and more. Micky Neilson said there is much more happening behind Arthas’ actions at the time he did that.  Overall they are very happy with Christie Golden’s work. She is a WoW player in an RP server, so she knows the world and the lore by heart. and pours that knowledge into her books.  I recommend reading World of Warcraft: Arthas, the Rise of the Lich King. You can pre-order it here. (Ships April 21)

As for Diablo, there is big secrecy about upcoming Diablo books. I will keep watch over the next months until it pops on my long range radars. I am still testing different conversion formats for the video interview with Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson. Each test takes a while to process. So bare with me. Just know it was an awesome interview. Very informative, teasing and humorous.

I got footage of their book signing session at the Simon & Schuster booth and at the Tokyopop booth. There I got them and Keith R.A. DeCandido to sign 14 Starcraft comic book posters (1’ x 4’) to giveaway to fans. Pop around for details of the contest once the video interview is online.

Sadly, I missed the DC book signing and the comic book interview with Metzen around 12:30-1:30pm. I arrived around 1pm to start setting up the camera and tripod at Simon’s. I thought it would happen in the late afternoon after the Simon & Schuster signing. Fret not. I will send the questions via email instead.  I am geeky about comic books, and I know there are many out there that love the World of Warcraft comic book. Especially this new arc that is so full of thrill.

I had the opportunity to briefly interview Walter and Louis Simonson about the World of Warcraft comic book (Wildstorm). I interviewed him last year when the comic book launched.  This video interview will take a bit longer before making it public, until I submit it to Blizzard and DC.  There were some answers that are too HOT. They did try to not spoil much of the new arc that started with issue # 15 introducing Garona and her son. I could feel the passion they have for writing World of Warcraft.

Those who visited the DC Unlimited booth on Friday, and didn’t do so again on Saturday, there were three new action figures showcased there. Chris Metzen told me about it, and I was obliged to go back and see by myself. I was astonished. I really want one now. What is it? King Varian Wrynn (Lo’gosh) is part of the new action figures series by DC Unlimited. There is also a new Night Elf female hunter with a Owl pet—a character that I was told at the booth might join the Comic Book at some point. I think her last name was Moonbreeze.  And a Ghoul.

Many thanks to Jaime and all the Simon & Schuster staff that helped me set up the video camera onsite. And for facilitating this interview with Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson the past few weeks. And all the back and forth preparations with Shon Damron and Rob Tokar from Blizzard Entertainment.

This weekend has been exhausting, and I barely have time at home. Need to run to day three to cover Aaron Rosenberg’s signing at 11am. See you later tonight.

UPDATE: Full interview available now. Watch both videos here.

2009 New York Comic Con - WoW Comic Book Q&A Submissions

DC Comics informed me I will be able to interview Chris Metzen (again) at the DC Comics booth 1641.  He will be there on Saturday, February 7th in the afternoon. For further details about the New York Comic Con you may visit their official website.

I will probably meet Walter Simonson (WoW comic book writer) and Jim Lee (Wildstorm director, artist)

I already wrapped up question submissions for the Simon & Schuster booth interview. However, you can submit questions exclusively about the World of Warcraft comic book and the World of Warcraft: Ashbringer # 1-4. Feel free to post your questions below or at the lore forums.

How to Get a Job at Blizzard

Dustin Browder (“Cavez” on has made more and more appearances on lately (another indication of the StarCraft 2 Beta coming soon), and while most of this naturally is related to StarCraft 2 alone, he did reply to a Swede asking about getting a job at Blizzard after graduation. Want to work with Blizzard? Well, check the Blizzard job page, basically! To be fair, Dustin does answer a few questions as well…

[BLUE=”″]We have a job listing on the web site. Sometimes we are looking for entry-level developers and sometimes we are looking for experienced developers. Check out the site and see what you think you are a good fit for. Blizzard is an international company with offices all over the world. Our Irvine office frequently hires developers from Europe, Asia, South and Central America, etc.

We always encourage people who have a strong skill set and a passion for our titles to apply for positions that match their abilities. Good luck.=)

Go Sweden!


No Drake Unless You’re In The Club

The new achievement system has meant that everyone and their mother has started taking part in WoW’s World Events. The reason is probably the lovely Violet Proto-Drake you get as a reward for completing all the individual tasks.

However, I wonder how many players have spotted that part of the Brewfest event meta achievement requires that players have Brew of the Year. This sub-achievement requires players to sample a different brew each month that you can only drink if you are in the Brew of the Month club, which I believe you can only join in August. If you joined last year and have been drinking the brews each month you have nothing to worry about, but if not it’s going to be September 2010 before you get your drake.

Unless Blizzard removes this as being one of the requirements for this achievement of course, which they are not willing to do at the moment.


Netherwing Rep Grind Nerfed

Sharp-eyed players across the net have noticed that a couple of the daily quests in the Netherwing faction rep grind have been made easier.

A Slow Death and The Not-So-Friendly Skies have had the required quest items changed to 100% drop chance. Netherwing Relics used to drop at around 50% and Fel Glands were even more dire at roughly 25%.

I doubt this means we’ll suddenly see a huge influx of Netherdrakes but it will make the grind slightly less painful.



Blizzplanet Database Restoration In Progress

As you may see in the right navigation, I started focusing work on some of the content pages. This will take some time, but what matters is that the work is begun.  You will still find some broken links in some of the pages.  I will be working with those once the basic structure of what the left menu on the old layout looked like is finished.

I will have to manually change the URL paths to all the pages eventually to point to their new destination. Bare with me.  So far I am restoring the store section. I will eventually restore the lore pages for each game.  Some are already online, just need to plug the links for you to find them the old-fashion way.

Blizzard Music: Echoes of War Contest

1. A reminder that the Echoes of War contest and the Razer Xmas Contests will end on January 2 at 11:59pm (New York time). The Echoes of War contains music from Diablo III, Starcraft II, Starcraft: Ghost and Wrath of the Lich King. You shouldn’t miss it. Read the instructions to participate. Just need to answer of a few questions and submit your entry.

2. The Razer Xmas Contest gives away a Razer Armadillo, a mouse cable management system that enchances your gameplay by grounding the mouse cable for better movement and precision. Send a screenshot of your character wearing the Winter Veil costume while mounting the Metzen Reindeer. Instructions here. Ends on January 2.

Warcraft Audiobooks: Dick Hill Interview

Tantor Media Audiobooks, Pocket Star Books and Blizzard Entertainment partnered to launch three Warcraft novels in audiobook format: Warcraft: Day of the Dragon will be available on December 29, 2008, boasting 11 hours of audio—available as Audio CD or MP3.  The Lord of the Clans is slated for February 2009, while the Last Guardian is expected on April 2009. For this special project, many World of Warcraft fans will no doubt check out, Tantor Media Audiobooks hired Dick Hil, winner of three coveted Audie Awards and many times nominee of various awards.

Thanks to Richard A. Knaak, we were able to reach Richard Dick Hill for an interview to find out more details of the Warcraft Audiobook series.

Hi, Richard. I read you have performed in over 400 audiobooks. How long have you been voicing and acting audio books?

Dick Hill: In truth, it’s probably over 500 by now.  I’ve probably been doing audiobooks for 15 years.

When and How did your passion for your career reading for audiobooks started?

Dick Hill: I was working in regional theater, and a friend who was doing an occasional audiobook hooked me up with a publisher.  He’s a brit, so we don’t generally compete, and I’m forever thankful to him.  This is a perfect fit for me for a number of reasons, I’ve got iron pipes, so I can go all day if need be without my voice tiring, I’ve always been pretty good at cold reads (I seldom pre-read, I like the spontaneity), and best of all I get to play all the parts, which was always my desire when I acted onstage, much to my fellow actors’ annoyance.

There are many podcast and voice acting aficionados out there. What would you recommend them to do to follow on your steps and to be as successful as you?

Dick Hill: It certainly helps to be a prodigious reader.  I’ve read all manner of things throughout my life, and that helped in this work.  I’ve recorded classics, the Bible, lots of mystery and thriller fiction, scifi, fantasy, non-fiction…. even some romance..  Talk back to the TV or radio or moviescreen.  It’ll annoy those around you, so it’s best to have an understanding mate, and when you do go to the movies, hit matinees and hope nobody else is there.  It’s a great way to pick up different voices, simply parroting what you hear.  YouTube interviews, CNN, all valuable.  Acting skills, an understanding of character development and interpretation….all those sorts of things can be fostered and improved through study.  A lot of it though, I think is just a predisposition to be a convincing liar.  Seems to me that’s what much of acting is.  It’s a terribly competitive field these days, audio publishers have stacks of demo cd’s from aspiring talents.  You need to put together a demo that shows some of your range, various genres, voices, etc., then start sending it out.  As I said, it’s probably harder to find this sort of work than it is to find work acting, and most actors don’t manage to make a living solely from their craft. Susie and I count ourselves blessed to be able to do so.

How was the idea of publishing a Warcraft audiobook born?

Dick Hill: I’m a hired gun in a sense, and I have no voice in what gets recorded.  Other than my voice.  Hmm…..there

Quest Buddies - Good Or Bad?

Maticus wrote an article about her experience leveling to 80 with a buddy that didn’t seem to commit too much time or is too casual. Have you been in the same situation? Is leveling with a buddie good or bad? Read up the article and share your personal experience and opinion with other WoW fans.

Reminder: Blizzplanet Razer Goliathus Drawing

Today is your last chance to get a Razer Goliathus! Celebrating the release of the expansion, this is a drawing contest for all fans playing the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. All you need to do to participate is to complete both questions below and submiting the corresponding screenshots.

1. What did you enjoy the most in the continent of Northrend?
2. Attach a screenshot of the area or location in Northrend you enjoyed the most.

Prize: Razer Goliathus / Speed Edition – Medium Size (High precision mousepad
for both high and low sensitivity users)

Deadline: November 20th, 11:59pm EST (New York).

Submit your entry to the following email address.

BlizzCast 6 - Diablo III Q&A

BlizzCast 6 is already available with a few interesting interviews.  This time around Bashiok (Diablo III Community Manager) interviewed Anthony Rivero (Senior Character Artist), who worked on Diablo II and Lord of Destruction. He created the Mosquito Demon in Act 3 and modeled and textured Mephisto, the Druid and some of its abilities and pets. For the expansion, Anthony Rivero was credited as Lead Character Artist.

This is an interesting interview because he talks about the differences between creating Diablo II and now Diablo III. Back then the 3D modelers had to do everything from the ground up.  They had to do concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging and go through the tedious process of creating sprites of each armor and body part in 16 different directions for every frame animation. A very lengthy and complex process.  All that is now a thing of the past in Diablo 3 gone fully into a 3D engine. He designed the female Witch Doctor and her armor and the scavenger pets among other monsters.

The Fan Q&A with Jay Wilson offers details of the elixirs, special random death animations, and the full-screen map overlay.  Two Diablo III questions from IncGamers fans ( and Blizzplanet) were answered; so check them out. Congratulations to Immelmann and Sly_dawg19 who submited the questions to us. We forwarded them to Bashiok (Diablo III Community Manager) for this BlizzCast 6 Q&A session.

  • Elixirs are rare drops, not obtainable from vendors. They add special buffs for certain tough encounters.
  • Death Animations will be implemented through a check system where each boss checks your low health stats and randomly decides what type of animation set will be used. The Diablo III team is still jamming ideas about how to implement this system, and what kind of cool death animations to do or if they should at all.
  • Thus far there are no plans for a full-screen map overlay. However, some ideas are being discussed.

Download and listen to BlizzCast 6 and/or read the transcript.

Make sure to submit your questions in future BlizzCast Question Submission Calls we make in our front page news. Your question might be answered by the developers.

Share your comments.

World of Warcraft Comic #13 Sneak Peek

Blizzard has released a sneak preview (PDF) of the upcoming World of Warcraft # 13. The comic book is just getting better and better. Lady Prestor has been unmasked by King Varian Wrynn to be Onyxia, who escapes Stormwind with a treasure on her paws: Anduin. Varian must reach Theramore to rescue his son. This new story arc will reveal exactly what the impostor duplicate of Varian really is.  Is he a black dragon? Is he from an alternate reality?  Or even worse … was Varian magically split into two personas? From what it looks the kindness of Varian was split into the impostor, while the bravery and cockiness of Varian was split into who we know as Lo’gosh.  Only time will tell … grab your copy to find out. And don’t forget … Garona will make her first appearance in the comic book. Check out the sneak peek preview.

Hitting stores this week, the penultimate chapter to our first major comic arc sees our heroes heading off to Theramore Island to resolve the damage done by the evil usurper of the throne. Check out the preview pages for yourself.

If you like what you see, you can visit Wildstorm for more information, locate a nearby comic store, or subscribe to the series directly.

Also be sure to check out World of Warcraft: Volume 1, a hardcover collection of issues #0 through #7. It’s on shelves and available online now at all major comic retailers.

BlizzCast 6 Live

BlizzCast 6 is finally Live as a sound stream and as a transcript. Welcome to BlizzCast Episode 6!  Nethaera (WoW Community Manager) interviewed Lead Tools Programmer, Monte Krol. He talks about his career background from the early days of Atari games until he applied for a job at Blizzard back on 2000.

Karune (RTS Community Manager) interviewed Senior Art Director Sam Didier and Lead Designer Dustin Browder who explain the process behind creating Starcraft II Unit design from Concept to Creation. Bashiok (Diablo Community Manager) interviewed Senior Character Artist Anthony Rivero who discusses Diablo character design. Don’t forget to read the fans Q&A at the end.

Support BlizzCast 6 and download it.

Thanks, Handclaw

Share your comments.

World of Warcraft Miniatures Game - Review

Eldorian wrote a review about his experience collecting the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game or WoW Minis from Upper Deck. In this review you will find out what’s inside the WoW Minis Core Booster and what rares you can find in a random box.  There is a chance to get the highly-sought Bearon mount which sells pretty well and may even reimburse your collection expense.

Read the review.

World of Warcraft: Deathknight Update

Apologies to all fans who got to read the news alert a few weeks ago. Richard A. Knaak has informed me that he is not the author of World of Warcraft: Deathknight. Amazon is now listing this book to be written by Dan Jolley. I considered necessary to post this as my role in the community is to inform, rather than to misinform.

I have seen a few wiki entries that used Blizzplanet as source. So it’s my responsibility to correct the previous misinformation. Make your updates accordingly. I did not reach Richard A. Knaak until now about the book. Originally, I saw it freshly listed over at Amazon. Knaak does have an upcoming manga about a mage, but not much can be said at the moment until the script is approved by Tokyopop and Blizzard.

Author: Dan Jolley
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: TokyoPop (July 6, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1427814961
ISBN-13: 978-1427814968

So let’s learn some stuff about Dan Jolley. He was voted Best Horror Comic of 2001 by Wizard Magazine for the limited series: Obergeist.  He was nominated for an Eisner Award on 2003 for writing the JSA: The Unholy Three limited series. A novel based in the sci-fi shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: IRON MAN: Teen Novelization (based on the 2008 film), STAR TREK S.C.E. – Some Assembly Required, Firestorm (DC Comics); Dr. Strange: The Flight of Bones (four-issue mini-series, Marvel Comics,1999); JSA: The Liberty File; Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive (four-issue mini-series, Marvel Comics 2002); Vampirella: The Choir in the Mist (2004); Warcraft Legends # 1 (World of Warcraft: How to Win Friends, short story). And a few Tokyopop mangas: Alex Unlimited, HarperCollins, The Warriors Series (The Lost Warrior, Warrior’s Refuge, Warrior’s Return).

To learn more of his gaming side read some comments based on his experience as a World of Warcraft player with two level 70 characters.

World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon On Sale

World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon by Richard A. Knaak is finally on sale at a bookstore near you. The backstory of this book ties-in as an intro to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

If you wish to order online visit the Blizzplanet Store.

Grim Batol: its dark legacy stretches back into the mists of Azeroth’s past. But most know it as the site of a terrible tragedy—where the vile orcs corrupted the hatchlings of the noble Dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, and used them as weapons of war. Though a band of heroes, led by the enigmatic mage, Krasus, defeated the orcs and freed the captive dragons, the cursed mountain stands as another ravaged landmark within the…


But now Krasus—known to some as the red dragon Korialstrasz—senses the malice of Grim Batol rising once more to threaten those he holds dear. Determined this time to confront this evil by himself, he is unaware of the quests that will draw others to Grim Batol and reveal the monstrous truth that could not only herald their deaths, but usher in a terrible new age of darkness and destruction.

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Extended Maintenance: Mail Issues

Update: 7:30pm EST (New York) and the servers are still down for maintenance. Here is the latest in-game update:

November 11th, 2008 2:20pm PST: All realms are currently offline. We are continuing to investigate the issues affecting players’ ability to access their main in order to resolve the situation. We are actively working to provide a specific ETA and we will provide another update within the next 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

It is 4:20pm EST on US East Coast and servers are still down. If you are wondering why this extended maintenance is happening, the forum representatives have been updating fans every two hours. In short, and in gaming lingo … the in-game mail is b0rked. Rumors are that the Scourge have sabotaged it. When interviewing the invading villains their response was: “Braaainnnnsss …”

Update: We are continuing to address the issues with players being unable to access their in-game mail. The process will run for several more hours, and we will provide another update on when the servers will be playable within the next 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

Original: We are investigating an issue with the mail system and continuing maintenance on all realms. We currently have no estimate on when realms will be playable. Thank you for your patience.— source

New York Midnight Opening: Helper Wanted

The official event starts on November 12th (tomorrow Wednesday) at 8pm EST at the Best Buy located in Time Square 44th Street and 529 5th Avenue (Best Buy phone: (212) 808-0309). Now, here is the deal.

1. Are you coming to this New York Midnight Opening?
2. Do you have a digital video camera?
3. Are you able to upload the video?
4. Can you come as early as 8pm up to midnight-2am+ approx.?

If you can answer yes to all these four questions please contact me. There may be a chance you may be among the first to purchase your copy by accompanying me, courtesy of Best Buy. You would be recording the costume contest and the interview with Mike Morhaime and Frank Pearce.

Update: We have an interview time scheduled with Mike Morhaime & Frank Pearce at Best Buy. Feel free to submit questions to us about Wrath of the Lich King in general. I will ask the best questions from fans. Submit them at the following comments page or via email here.

Blizzard CEO/President and Cofounder Mike Morhaime and Executive Vice President, Product Development Frank Pearce will be at this NYC event. There will be a chance to meet several World of Warcraft game developers and have your game autographed. The entire event is hosted by Geoff Keighley and will feature interviews, prize giveaways (including Plantronics headsets) and World of Warcraft trivia

Scourge Invasion: The Razing of Orgrimmar Video

The Razing of Orgrimmar was simply excellent, as was the Zombie Invasion a few weeks ago.  Thrall and Garrosh discussed war against Arthas the Lich King at the entrance of the Orgrimmar Arena in Valley of Honor. To their sides were Lady Sylvanas, Grand Apothecary Putress and High Overlord Saurfang.  Thrall wishes time to consult with Jaina Proudmoore what the Alliance will be doing in the battle against the Northrend threat, but Garrosh is too impatient and a few harsh words forced Garrosh to challenge Thrall in combat to decide whether Garrosh wouldl be the one leading the Northrend offensive-strike army.

Thrall was surprised to hear the son of Grom Hellscream had challenged him, but dismissed the idea of a duel with so many war preparations and tasks on his hands. However, Garrosh gets daring and calls Thrall a coward in front of everyone. To this Thrall invites Garrosh to go inside the Arena to settle this.

(Read my review and video after the break)

The Razing of Orgrimmar Phase 1: Frostwyrms

10:00pm At the bottom of this page, after the break, you can read the transcript of the conversations between Thrall, Garrosh, Saurfang, Lady Sylvanas and Grand Apothecary Putress.

9:30pm: Sylvanas and Garrosh are now in Orgrimmar attacking the Scourge.

8pm EST: Six Frostwyrms and Undead Scourge are attacking Orgrimmar and major cities according to reports. Abomination s and Frostwyrms are at Valley of Honor. This looks like the beginning of what I commented a few days ago concerning the razing of Orgrimmar as mentioned by Garrosh Hellscream in Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra) during beta.  If your graphics card can withstand all this activity, go witness this world event.

Below you can read the full transcript of the event.

Send us your photos and videos.  Post your links in the comments. Or you can email me at garona2004 yahoo dot com.

Richard A. Knaak: Wrath of the Lich King Midnight Opening in Arkansas

Richard A. Knaak informed us today that he has scheduled a book signing at the midnight opening of the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  The store is getting advance copies of the pocket star book: WORLD OF WARCRAFT: NIGHT OF THE DRAGON; and the Tokypop manga WARCRAFT LEGENDS VOL. 2 at the following store:

Hastings Bookstore
2999 N. College Ave.
Fayetteville, AR


World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon

Warcraft Legends Vol. 2
Tokyopop (Manga)


View Larger Map

Warcraft Audiobooks on 2009

Blizzard Entertainment is expanding its collection of products by partnering with Tantor Media to publish three Warcraft pocket books as Audiobooks in CD,MP3 Audio, and Unabridged formats. These audiobooks are narrated by Dick Hill. Reader of over 400 audiobooks, Dick Hill has won three coveted Audie Awards and been nominated numerous times. He is also the recipient of several AudioFile Earphones Awards. AudioFile includes Dick on their prestigious list of Golden Voices.

  • Warcraft: Day of the Dragon by author Richard A. Knaak (December 2008

Scourge Invasion New Phase?

We are barely 2 days and a few hours away from the release of Wrath of the Lich King.  Not much has happened after the Zombie Invasion, except for the lengthy Scourge Invasion redux. Nethaera just posted at the official forums a concern from a fan who wonders if this is all we will get.  Nethaera, cryptic in her words, seems to be hinting something is going to happen. Will it be on launch date?  Or will it happen once you install the expansion?  We will have to wait and see.—(source)

Hrm… I don’t think Northrend is open yet… do you? Perhaps something will be occurring before then. I guess it’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, don’t mind those marauding Scourge invading various areas. I mean, it’s not about then anyway, right? I mean, what could Northrend and the Scourge possibly ever have in common?

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