World of Warcraft # 15 Preview - Garona Birthed A Half-Human Baby?

imageFrom the creative minds of Wildstorm’s World of Warcraft comic book writer Walter Simonson (Mighty Thor) and Chris Metzen, Blizzard has released a loregasmic preview teaser of World of Warcraft # 15.  After King Varian Wrynn decapitated Onyxia’s corpse to display her head in Stormwind, Garona makes her appearance for the first time since the events from Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  The preview reveals that shortly after Garona assassinated King Llane, she found out about her … pregnancy.  She gave the baby to an ancient human mage, named Meryl,  to raise him. It is now confirmed that Garona was cursed by Sargeras to betray and do things against her will. Therefore, she couldn’t bare to rise her own child for fear she would kill him.

This plot brings about so many intriguing questions. Who is the father of Garona’s baby? Medivh? Khadgar?  King Llane? On the other hand, Meryl is described as undead, but one who has lived by sheer will and through the use of his own magical powers to prolong his life for milennia; he exists even before Ner’zhul created the Scourge. Is Meryl one of the previous Guardians of Tirisfal?

Garona’s baby has grown up, and there is a prophecy behind him found in a scroll digged from Hellfire Peninsula. This child is to become the savior of Azeroth. Do you feel the vibe that this guy, Med’an, is the heir of Medivh? Watch the PDF preview and get that HOT comic book at a newsstand near you!

This issue will be on newsstands on January 21.

In stores 1/21.

The road back to Theramore begins in issue #15 of the ongoing series. After the events of the last arc, King Varian and Prince Anduin must return home. But who will return with them? And what role will Garona Halforcen play in this next quest? Check out the preview pages.

If you like what you see, you can visit Wildstorm for more information, locate a nearby comic store (type zipcode), or subscribe to the series directly.

World of Warcraft# 18 Comic Book - DC Comics / Wildstorm


Garona brings Twilight

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - WoW TCG Store

Upper Deck Entertainment unveiled the World of Warcraft Miniature Game at 2008 New York Comic Con and 2008 GAMA Trade Show.  You can view many Miniature Photos including Onyxia at our NY Comic Con Coverage page. Scheduled Release Date: October 2008.

World of Warcraft® ‘Molten Core’ Raid Deck

World of Warcraft® ‘Magtheridon’s Lair’ Raid Deck

World of Warcraft® Heroes of Azeroth Starter Deck

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Blood Elf Rogue vs. Draenei Paladin Diorama - 360 QTVR

Sideshow Collectibles and Blizzard Entertainment bring fans the World of Warcraft Diorama featuring a Blood Elf Rogue versus a Draenei Paladin.  Below you can watch a QTVR 360 (QuickTime VR) that will allow you to see a three-dimensional view of this awesome polystone sculpture. Rotate its view by following the instructions below.

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Blood Elf Rogue VS Draenei Paladin Diorama
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World of Warcraft The Comic Book

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On Sale July 29, 2008


Collecting WORLD OF WARCRAFT #0-7, based on the world’s most popular massively multiplayer videogame, written by comics legend Walter Simonson!

A human is found unconscious on the shores of Kalimdor, with no memory of who he is or how he arrived there. Enslaved by the Orc Shaman Rehgar Earthfury, this man must fight for survival against members of both the Alliance and the Horde, striking uneasy relationships with other races in his quest to find the secrets of his past!

Wildstorm |  176pg.  |  Color |  Hardcover |  $19.99 US
Written by Walter Simonson; Art by Ludo Lullabi and Sandra Hope; Cover by Samwise Didier

Blizzard Entertainment, DC Comics and Wildstorm united forces to bring fans of the most popular MMORPG … World of Warcraft The Comic Book. The limited series consists of 12 issues divided in two story arcs. Read the description, and spoiler summary of each issue. Or view the front covers by Samwise Didier (Blizzard Senior Art Director), Variant Covers by Jim Lee (X-MEN# 1) in black and white or color, and sneak previews (5-pages).


On Sale – September 10, 2008

Issue # 1

Issue # 2

Warcraft Archive - Book Excerpt

By: Blizzard Entertainment
This Edition: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: 10/2006
Estimated Price: $14.95


In the mist-shrouded haze of past, the world of Azeroth teemed with wonders of every kind. Magical races and ancient beasts strode alongside the tribes of man—until the arrival of the demonic Burning Legion and its baneful lord, Sargeras. Now dragons, elves, orcs, and dwarves all vie for supremacy across their scarred, war-torn kingdoms—all part of a grand, malevolent scheme to determine the fate of the world of…


DAY OF THE DRAGON: A terrifying upheaval among the highest ranks of the world’s Wizards sends the maverick Mage, Rhonin, on a perilous journey into the Orc-controlled lands of Khaz Modan. What Rhonin uncovers is a vast, far-reaching conspiracy, darker than anything he ever imagined—a threat that will force him into a dangerous alliance with ancient creatures of air and fire if the world of Azeroth is to see another dawn.

LORD OF THE CLANS: Slave and Gladiator. Shaman and Warchief. The enigmatic Orc known as Thrall has been all of these. Raised from infancy by cruel human masters who sought to mold him into their perfect pawn, Thrall was driven by both the savagery in his heart and the cunning of his upbringing to pursue a destiny he was only beginning to understand—to break his bondage and rediscover the ancient traditions of his people. Now the tumultuous tale of his life’s journey—a saga of honor, hatred, and hope—can at last be told.

THE LAST GUARDIAN: The Guardians of Tirisfal were a line of champions imbued with godlike powers, each one through the ages charged with fighting a lonely secret war against the Burning Legion. Medivh was fated from birth to become the greatest and most powerful of this noble order. But from the beginning a darkness tainted him, corrupting his soul and turning to evil the powers that should have fought for good. Medivh’s struggle against the malice within him became one with the fate of Azeroth itself…and changed the world forever.

OF BLOOD AND HONOR: The paladin Tirion Fordring had always believed the Orcs were vile and corrupt, but an unexpected act of honor and compassion sets in motion a chain of events that will challenge his most fundamental beliefs and force him to decide, once and for all, who are the men…and who are the monsters.

  • Order Warcraft Archives
  • Read an interview with Richard A. Knaak (Day of the Dragon)
  • Read an interview with Christie Golden (Lord of the Clans)

World of Warcraft RPG: Alliance Players Guide - Content List

Glory to the Alliance!

Draw blade and spear to battle the Scourge, the Burning Legion, and the Horde! Keep your eyes sharp and your tongue sharper as you match wits with rival political factions. Bolster the Alliance?s strengths? or prey upon its weaknesses.

A Character Book for World of Warcraft?: The Roleplaying Game

    ? Includes a wealth of detail on the Alliance, including its races and structure.

    ? New races, feats, prestige classes, and other game mechanics particular to the Alliance.

    ? Information on the Alliance?s history, its leaders, and its current military and political structure.

    ? Delve into the details of the Alliance?s races: Explore their society, psychology, and culture.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System. US Page Count: 232(hardcover).


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Special Thanks ? Luke Johnson
To my late grandfathers, Donald R. Johnson and Edward Schnaper. I think they would be proud.


Adam Loyd aka MagusRogue (ace, night elf and gnome history)

Scott Bennie (feats, exemplar, savagekin, half-elf history,
military units, ?The Dog of Warcraft?)

Bruce Graw (sapper,
Chapter 5, Ironforge dwarf history)

Luke Johnson (Chapters
1 and 2, prestige classes, creatures)

Mur Lafferty (feats,
dead shot, furbolg, high elf, and Wildhammer dwarf history,
Alliance history, tactics, military units, ?Gift for the Bride?)

Rosenberg (windwarrior, Chapter 4 Church of the Holy
Light, Kirin Tor, military units)

Andrew Rowe (human
history, Argent Dawn, Chapter 7, creatures).

Creative and Rules Design Assistance
and Additional Material

Chris Metzen, Ben Brode, Samwise Didier, Bob Fitch,
Evelyn Fredericksen, Brian Hsieh, Micky Neilson, Lisa
Pearce, and Gloria Soto


Luke Johnson


Ellen P. Kiley

Managing Editor

Stewart Wieck

Art Director

Mike Chaney

Layout and Design

Mike Chaney

Cover Artist

Samwise Didier , Glenn Rane, & Justin Thavirat

Interior Artists

Hannah Spute, Saytr, James Stowe, Patrick McEvoy,
Harald Osterle, Jeff Laubenstein, Samwise Didier, Rene
Koiter, Michel Koiter, Glenn Rane, Justin Thavirat, Bill
Petras, & David Griffiths

Introduction 4

Chapter 1: New Races

Dwarf, Wildhammer 6
Furbolg 9
Half-Elf 11
Vital Statistics 13

Chapter 2: Class Options

Variant Classes 14
Lone Druid 14
Totemic Druid 15
Druid of the Claw 15
Druid of the Fang 16
Druid of the Talon 16
Focused Mage 17
Auradin 18
Racial Iconic Classes 18
Furbolg Shaman 18
Gnome Tinker 19
High Elf Mage 20
Human Mage 20
Human Paladin 21
Ironforge Dwarf Warrior: Dwarf Sharpshooter 21
Night Elf Druid 22
Wildhammer Barbarian 23
Creature Classes 23
Ancient Protector 25
Dryad 27
Keeper of the Grove 29
Mountain Giant 31
Vital Statistics 33
Feats 34

Chapter 3: Prestige Classes

Ace 42
Dead Shot 45
Demon Hunter 47
Exemplar 50
Gunman 52
Mountain King 56
Sapper 58
Savagekin 61
Sister of Steel 63
Ursa Totemic 65
Warden 68
Windwarrior 70

Chapter 4: Magic

Magic Among the Alliance 75
Spells 79
Magic Items 91
Magic Armor 91
Magic Weapons 92
Rings 93
Wondrous Items 94

Chapter 5: Technology

Races and Technology 100
Tech-Mods 101
Weapon Tech-Mods 101
Armor Tech-Mods 103
Tech-Mods 103
Ring Tech-Mods 105
Wondrous Item Tech-Mods 106
Technological Devices 107
Dwarven Technological Devices 107
Gnomish Technological Devices 111
Other Technological Devices 119

Chapter 6: History and Culture

Night Elf History 123
Night Elf Culture 125
High Elf History 129
High Elf Culture 130
Half-Elf History 132
Half-Elf Culture 132
Human History 133
Human Culture 137
Ironforge Dwarf History 140
Ironforge Dwarf Culture 142
Wildhammer Dwarf History 143
Wildhammer Dwarf Culture 143
Gnome History 145
Gnome Culture 146
Furbolg History 147
Furbolg Culture 148
The Argent Dawn 150
The Church of the Holy Light 152
The Kirin Tor 154

Chapter 7: Alliance History and Current Situation

Alliance Timeline 165
State of the Alliance 167

Chapter 8: The Alliance Military

Alliance Tactics 181
Military Forces 183
Human Forces 183
Dwarf Forces 186
High Elf Forces 188
Night Elf Forces 189

Chapter 9: Creatures

Ancients 194
Avatar of Vengeance 199
Battle Ram 200
Cat, Saber 201
Chimera 203
Dire Cobra 204
Dragonhawk 205
Dryad 206
Faerie Dragon 207
Gryphon 208
Hippogryph 209
Keeper of the Grove 210
Mountain Giant 211
Spirit of Vengeance 212
Treant 214
Warhorse, heavy 215
Wisp 216

Chapter 10: Adventures

The Dog of Warcraft 217
Gift for the Bride 224

Warcraft RPG: Manual of Monsters - Content List

Credits 3

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eBook PDF

Foreword 10
Introduction 11
Chapter One: Creatures of Azeroth 13
Ancient 14
Corrupted Ancient 15
Bane Spider 15
Basilisk 17
Bog Beast 18
Cat, Saber 19
Frostsaber Cat 19
Nightsaber Cat 19
Cenarius’s Children 21
Centaur 21
Dryad 22
Keeper of the Grove 23
Ch’ imaera 25
Draenei 26
Dragons of Azeroth 27
Black Dragon 28
Blue Dragon 31
Bronze Dragon 33
Green Dragon 35
Red Dragon 37
Dragonspawn 39
Wyrm Kin 40
Flame tongue 41
Scalebane 42
Frost Wolf 43
Dire Frost Wolf 43
Giant Frost Wolf 43
Furbolg 45
Corrupted Furbolg 46
Giant 48
Mountain Giant 48
Sea Giant 49
Gnoll 50
Gnoll Assassin 51
Gnoll Brute 52
Gnoll Poacher 52
Gnoll Warden 53
Gryphon 54
Harpy 55
Hippogryph 57
Kobold 58
Kodo Beast 59
Magnataur 60
Mana Surge 61
Murloc 63

Warcraft RPG: Alliance and Horde Compendium - Content List



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Chapter One: The New Blood

New Races of Warcraft 11
Dwarf, Wildhammer 11
Elf, Blood 14
Furbolg 16
Gnome 17
Naga 19
Pandaren 21
Troll, Jungle 22
Prestige Classes 24
Death Knight 24
Demon Hunter 27
Dwarven Avatar 30
Marksman 33
Necromancer 35
Primal 38
Warmage 40
Windrider 43
New Skill 45
Feats 45

Chapter Two: Choosing Sides

The Alliance 54
Humans 55
Ironforge Dwarves 56
Wildhammer Dwarves 57
High Elves 58
Night Elves 59
Gnomes 60
Half-Elves 60
The Horde 62
Orcs 63
Tauren 64
Jungle Trolls 64
Independent Factions 66
Blood Elves 67
Furbolgs 69
Goblins 70
Half-Orcs 71
Naga 72
Pandaren 73

Chapter Three: The Craft of War

The Basics 77
Unit Combat Sequence 77
Unit Combat Statistics 77
Baseline and Rendezvous Point 81
Initiative 81
The Battle Round 82
Unit Actions 82
Attacks and Damage in Unit Combat 84
Unit Actions Without Orders 84
Commanders and Orders 88
Kinds of Orders 92
Injury and Death 97
Movement and Position 97
Combat Modifiers 100
Unusual Attacks 102
Cavalry Units and Mounted Combat 102
Morale 104
Morale Check DCs 105
Terrain and Obstacles 106
Battlefield Magic 111

Appendix One: Weapons of War

Ballistae 120
Catapults and Trebuchets 122
Siege Crossbows 123
Special Ammunition 123

Appendix Two: Legal Information



Table 1-1: The Death Knight (Dkn) 26
Table 1-2: The Demon Hunter (Dmh) 29
Table 1-3: The Dwarven Avatar (Dav) 31
Table 1-4: The Marksman (Mkm) 34
Table 1-5: The Necromancer (Ncr) 37
Table 1-6: The Primal (Pml) 39
Table 1-7: The Warmage (Wmg) 41
Table 1-8: Warmage Battlemagic 42
Table 1-9: The Windrider (Wdr) 44
Table 3-1: Average Weapon Damage 79
Table 3-2: Weapon Damage Modifiers 79
Table 3-3: Unit Combat 85
Table 3-4: Common Unit Actions 89
Table 3-5: Miscellaneous Unit Actions 90
Table 3-6: Summary of Orders 95
Table 3-7: Conditional Command Check and DC Modifiers 96
Table 3-8: Unit Space and Reach 99
Table 3-9: Attack Roll Modifiers 100
Table 3-10: Armor Class Modifiers 100
Table 3-11: Concealment 101
Table 3-12: Morale Modifiers 105
Table 3-13: Spell Areas 114
Table 3-14: Area Spells vs. Units 117
Table 3-15: Damage to Units from Spells 118
Table 4-1: Siege Weapons 121
Table 4-2: Special Ammunition 124

Warcraft RPG: Magic and Mayhem - Content List



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Chapter One: Flame and Faith 13
Arcane Magic 14
Spellcasters 15
Variant Rule: Arcane Corruption 16
Divine Magic 22
Ordeals 22
Tests of Faith 23
Fel Energy 24
Fel Offerings 24
Fel Poison 24
Rune Magic 24
Creating Rune Families 25

Chapter Two: Prepare Yourselves!

Feats 30
New Core Class and Prestige Classes 33
Runemaster 34
Bombardier 38
Engineer 40
Graven One 42
Shadow Hunter 45
Spiritwalker 48
Steamwarrior 50
Warden 53
Witch Doctor 55

Chapter Three: Fountains of Mana

Rune Families 61
Runes 62
New Spells 79

Chapter Four: Destiny and Reward

Armor and Shields 114
Weapons 116
Potions 129
Rings 133
Rods, Staffs and Wands 134
Scrolls 135
Wondrous Items 137
Minor Artifacts 155

Chapter Five: Temple of Boom

Creating and Using Technological Devices 163
Vehicles: Movement and Maneuverability 164
Malfunction Effects 164
Collaborative Construction 167
Masterwork Devices 167
Special and Favored Materials 168
Technological Devices 169
Adventuring Gear 169
Special Substances and Items 182
Vehicles 186
Weapons 190
Zecker Devices 196
Appendix One: Constructs 198
Appendix Two: Legal Information 207


Table 1

World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game Corebook Content List

Credits 1

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Introduction 4
General Introduction 5
Creating Characters 7
History and Peoples 9
The World of Warcraft 13
Cosmology 22

Part I: Heroes

Chapter 1: Abilities 27
Chapter 2: Races 33
Dwarf, Ironforge 34
Elf, High 36
Elf, Night 38
Gnome 40
Goblin 41
Human 43
Orc 45
Tauren 46
Troll, Jungle 49
Undead, Forsaken 51
Chapter 3: Classes 54
Arcanist 56
Mage 59
Necromancer 60
Warlock 60
Barbarian 62
Healer 65
Druid 67
Priest 70
Shaman 71
Hunter 73
Paladin 77
Rogue 80
Scout 83
Tinker 86
Warrior 88
Multi-Class 90
Chapter 4: Prestige Classes 92
Archmage of Kirin Tor 92
Assassin 93
Beastmaster 95
Berserker 97
Duelist 99
Elven Ranger 100
Fel-Sworn 103
Gladiator 104
Infiltrator 106
Mounted Warrior 108
Chapter 5: Skills 112
Chapter 6: Feats 138
Chapter 7: Description 163

Part II: Equipment

Chapter 8: Equipping a Character 176
Chapter 9: Weapons, Armor and Shields 178
Chapter 10: Goods and Services 195
Chapter 11: Technological Devices 203

Part II: Playing the Game

Chapter 12: Combat 217
Chapter 13: Abilities and Conditions 242

Part IV: Magic

Chapter 14: Magic in Warcraft 248
Chapter 15: Spellcasting 253
Chapter 16: Spell Lists 263
Arcanist Spells 263
Mage Spells 265
Necromancer Spells 265
Warlock Spells 266
Healer Spells 267
Druid Spells 268
Priest Spells 269
Shaman Spells 270
Paladin Spells 274
Chapter 17: Spells 275

Part V: Campaigns

Chapter 18: Warcraft Campaigns 359
Chapter 19: Choosing Sides 368
Chapter 20: Community Rules 377
Appendix One:
Legal Information 395
Index 396
Character Sheet 399
Table 1-1: Ability Modifiers 27
Table 1-2: Bonus Spell Slots 30
Table 1-3: Carrying Capacity 31
Table 1-4: Carrying Loads 32
Table 2-1: Racial Ability Modifiers 33
Table 2-2: The Ironforge Dwarf 35
Table 2-3: The High Elf 37
Table 2-4: The Night Elf 40
Table 2-5: The Tauren 48
Table 2-6: The Jungle Troll 51
Table 2-7: The Forsaken 53
Table 3-1: Experience and Level-Dependent Benefits 54
Table 3-2: Base Save and Base Attack Bonuses 55
Table 3-3: The Arcanist (Arc) 57
Table 3-4: Arcanist Spell Slots per Day 58
Table 3-5: Familiars 60
Table 3-6: Familiar Abilities by Master Level 61
Table 3-7: The Barbarian (Bbn) 64
Table 3-8: The Healer (Hlr) 66
Table 3-9: Healer Spell Slots per Day 68
Table 3-10: Animal Companion Abilities by Master Level 69
Table 3-11: The Hunter (Hnt) 75
Table 3-12: Hunter Companion Abilities by Master Level 76
Table 3-13: The Paladin (Pal) 79
Table 3-14: Paladin Spell Slots per Day 80
Table 3-15: The Rogue (Rog) 82
Table 3-16: The Scout (Sct) 85
Table 3-17: The Tinker (Tkr) 87
Table 3-18: The Warrior (War) 89
Table 4-1: The Archmage of Kirin Tor (Amg) 93
Table 4-2: The Assassin (Asn) 95
Table 4-3: Assassin Spell Slots per Day 95
Table 4-4: The Beastmaster (Bst) 97
Table 4-5: The Berserker (Bsr) 98
Table 4-6: The Duelist (Dst) 100
Table 4-7: Elven Ranger Favored Enemies 102
Table 4-8: The Elven Ranger (Elr) 102
Table 4-9: Elven Ranger Spells Slots per Day 102
Table 4-10: The Fel-Sworn (Fsw) 104
Table 4-11: The Gladiator (Gla) 106
Table 4-12: The Infiltrator (Inf) 108
Table 4-13: The Mounted Warrior (Mow) 110
Table 5-1: Skill Points per Level 112
Table 5-2: Skills 114
Table 5-3: Craft DCs 118
Table 5-4: Trade Skill Equivalents 119
Table 5-5: Possible War Experiences 120
Table 5-6: Use Technological Device Check DCs 137
Table 6-1: Feats 140-141
Table 6-2: Tracking Modifiers 160
Table 7-1: Affiliation Rating 164
Table 7-2: Random Starting Ages 173
Table 7-3: Aging Effects 174
Table 7-4: Random Height and Weight 174
Table 8-1: 1st-Level Character Wealth 176
Table 8-2: Character Wealth by Level 176
Table 9-1: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage 180
Table 9-2: Weapons 182-184
Table 9-3: Explosives and Gunpowder 184
Table 9-4: Armor and Shields 191
Table 9-5: Donning Armor 192
Table 10-1: Adventuring Gear 197
Table 10-2: Spells for Hire 198
Table 10-3: Class Tools and Skill Kits 199
Table 10-4: Clothing 200
Table 10-5: Food, Drink and Lodging 200
Table 10 -6: Mounts and Related Gear 201
Table 10-7: Transportation 201
Table 10-8: Buildings 202
Table 11-1: Technological Device Function Difficulty Benchmarks 203
Table 11-2: Technological Device Features 205
Table 11-3: Malfunction Effects 210
Table 11-4: Maneuverability Ratings 211
Table 11-5: Technological Devices 212
Table 12-1: Size Modifiers 217
Table 12-2: Actions in Combat 221
Table 12-3: Tactical Speed 229
Table 12-4: Creature Size and Scale 231
Table 12-5: Attack Roll Modifiers 232
Table 12-6: Armor Class Modifiers 232
Table 12-7: Common Armor, Weapon and Shield Hardness and Hit Points 238
Table 12-8: Turning Undead 239
Table 12-9: Two-Weapon Fighting Penalties 241
Table 13-1: Special Ability Types 242
Table 15-1: Prepared Spells 253
Table 15-2: Items Affected by Magical Attacks 262
Table 18-1: The Aristocrat (Ari) 365
Table 18-2: The Commoner (Com) 366
Table 18-3: The Expert (Exp) 366
Table 18-4: The Soldier (Sol) 367
Table 20-1: Community Levels 377
Table 20-2: Community Ability Score Cost 378
Table 20-3: The Civilian Community (Cco) 379
Table 20-4: The Military Community (Mco) 380
Table 20-5: The Arcane Community (Aco) 381
Table 20-6: The Religious Community (Rco) 383
Table 20-7: Community Skills List 384
Table 20-8: Community Reputation Score Bonuses 387
Table 20-9: Community Defense Score Bonuses 388
Table 20-10: Community Wealth Level 388
Table 20-11: Initial Factor Scores 392
Table 20-12: Sample Community Events 393

World of Warcraft: More Magic and Mayhem Excerpt



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Chapter 1: Spell Slingers and Gear Grinders

Base Classes 6
Inscriber 6
Witch Doctor 8
Runemaster 10
Prestige Classes 14
Argent Dawn Templar 14
Enchanter 17
Ley Walker 20
Steam Warrior 22
Feats 25

Chapter 2: Enchantments, Runes and Brews

Alchemy 28
Enchantments 35
The Runic Art 41
Rune Patterns 43
Runes 48

Chapter 3: Power Overwhelming

Spell Lists 63
Arcanist Spell Lists 63
Mage Spell List 63
Necromancer Spell List 64
Warlock Spell List 65
Argent Dawn Crusader Spell List 65
Healer Spell Lists 66
Druid Spell List 66
Priest Spell List 66
Shaman/Witch Doctor Spell List 67
Hunter 67
Paladin Spell List 67
Spell Descriptions 68

Chapter 4: So Shiny!

Magic Item Overview 91
Magic Armor 95
Magic Weapons 104
Potions and Oils 120
Rings 121
Rods 124
Scrolls 126
Staffs 128
Wands 130
Wondrous Items 132
Set Items 148
Minor Artifacts 152
Special Materials 153
Creating Magic Items 156

Chapter 5: Things That Go Boom in the Night

Tech-Mods 164
Steam Armor 171
Technological Devices 179



List of Tables

Table 1-1: The Runemaster 13
Table 1-2: Runemaster Rune Slots per Day 13
Table 1-3: The Argent Dawn Templar (Tmp) 16
Table 1-4: The Enchanter (Enc) 19
Table 1-5: Enchantments Learned by Level 19
Table 1-6: The Ley Walker (Ley) 22
Table 1-7: The Steam Warrior (Stm) 24
Table 2-1: Mark of Ultimate Shielding 56
Table 2-2: Sigil of Ultimate Shielding 61
Table 4-1: Random Magic Items by Category 95
Table 4-2: Magic Armor and Shields 96
Table 4-3: Random Armor Type 96
Table 4-4: Random Shield Type 96
Table 4-5: Armor Special Abilities 97
Table 4-6: Shield Special Abilities 98
Table 4-7: Magic Weapons 105
Table 4-8: Random Weapon Type 105
Table 4-9: Common Melee Weapons 105
Table 4-10: Uncommon Weapons 105
Table 4-11: Common Ranged Weapons 106
Table 4-12: Melee Weapon Special Abilities 107
Table 4-13: Ranged Weapon Special Abilities 108
Table 4-14: Specifi c Magic Weapons 109
Table 4-15: Potions and Oils 121
Table 4-16: Rings 122
Table 4-17: Rods 125
Table 4-18: Scroll Types 127
Table 4-19: Scroll Spell Levels 127
Table 4-20: Staffs 129
Table 4-21: Wands 130
Table 4-22: Wondrous Items 132
Table 4-23: Summary of Magic Item Creation Costs 156
Table 4-24: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values 157
Table 4-25: Potion Base Prices 159
Table 4-26: Base Cost to Brew a Potion 159
Table 4-27: Scroll Base Prices 160
Table 4-28: Base Magic Supplies and XP Cost to Scribe a Scroll 160
Table 4-29: Wand Base Prices 161
Table 4-30: Base Magic Supplies and XP Cost to Craft a Wand 161
Table 5-1: Tech-Mod Power Sources 165
Table 5-2: Tech-Mod Bonus Equivalent Values 167
Table 5-3: Steam Armor Critical Hits 173
Table 5-4: Steam Armor Sizes 174
Table 5-5: Steam Armor Hull Compositions 175
Table 5-6: Weapon Damage by Size 176
Table 5-7: Technological Devices 180

World of Warcraft: Alliance Players Guide Excerpt

So I got this email the other day. ?Please write an article about the Alliance Player?s Guide.? Well, I haven?t even thought about the Alliance Player?s Guide. I?m up to my eyebrows in More Magic & Mayhem and up to my knees in Lands of Mystery. (Of course I?m not going to tell my editor that?) So, the Alliance Player?s Guide, huh? I?ll get right on that.

(Several days pass?)

Okay. The Alliance Player?s Guide gives you a wealth of information about the Alliance. No surprises there. The book specifically targets players who run characters who are members of the Alliance, but GMs will certainly appreciate the information about the Alliance?s structure and history, as well as the information on the races that make up the Alliance. You?ll find descriptions of how each of the Alliance races think and function?what?s important to them and what their daily life is like?all of which helps you roleplay these guys, whether you?re controlling a PC or an NPC.

Players get even more benefit from the Alliance Player?s Guide, making full use of the feats, classes, and spells focused specifically on the Alliance and its races (though most are usable by anyone). Horde players can take the information in the APG and use it to infiltrate, sabotage, and topple the Alliance. ?Information is ammunition,? according to a card in an old CCG I used to play.

In addition to all this goodness, the APG introduces several new races that are members or friends of the Alliance. These folks are not as populous as the gnomes, humans, Ironforge dwarves, or night elves, nor have they made as big an impact on recent history as the other races. They are, however, still valued and skillful individuals, important to the Alliance. The APG includes descriptions for half-elves, furbolgs, and Wildhammer dwarves? and they?re not all. Here?s a sneak peak at the Wildhammer dwarves, which probably

won?t change too much between now and when the finished version hits your store shelves. Enjoy!

P.S. Swing by our website some day for cool information, free downloads, and lively discussion: https://www.

Dwarf, Wildhammer

Description: Wildhammer dwarves are feral and untamed, prone to revelry, shamanism, and daring acts of bravery (or stupidity). They eschew technological gadgets in favor of nature magic and straightforward weapons, including their famous stormhammers. Wildhammer dwarves are famous across Azeroth for their unique relationship with gryphons. They treat these noble creatures as equals rather than mounts or pets. The gryphons respond to their handlers? respect and are steadfast and resolute in return. This close relationship produces the most famous Wildhammer dwarves: the gryphon riders, heroes of the Second and Third Wars.

Wildhammer dwarves are fearless warriors and unswerving opponents of evil. They take to the skies astride gryphons to combat vile creatures such as harpies and drakes, and unnatural contraptions like goblin zeppelins. They are distant, even distrustful, toward members of other races; they?re content to deal almost exclusively with gryphons and nature spirits. Yet despite their insular nature, Wildhammer dwarves do not hesitate to come to the aid of their allies when the need arises.

The fanatical archaeological fervor that seizes the Ironforge dwarves does not fall upon the Wildhammers. Perhaps they are descended from these mysterious Titans, but what does that matter? Wildhammer dwarves live in the present and do not dwell on the past. Their rejection of their titan ancestry denies them the power that their Ironforge brethren discover, but the Wildhammers make up for it with

bravery, determination, and wildness.

Appearance: Wildhammer dwarves are similar in appearance to their Ironforge kin, though many shave their heads. Exposure to sun and high winds darkens and toughens their skin. Wildhammers string beads into their hair and beards as good luck charms, and they paint tattoos on their bodies in homage of the totems, ideas, and creatures they revere.

Region: The Wildhammer clan hails from Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands of Lordaeron, a region as yet untouched by the Scourge. Here they work to preserve nature and prevent evil from tainting their lands, waging a constant war against the native forest trolls. Though cool to humans and to Ironforge dwarves, many Wildhammers traveled to Kalimdor with Jaina Proudmoore to combat the Horde. Those in Kalimdor avoid Theramore, preferring the open skies. Wildhammers are wanderers and explorers, skirting large cities and concentrating in mountains and other wilderness areas.

Affiliation: Alliance. Wildhammer dwarves are distant with humans and Ironforge dwarves, but have formed a kinship with high elves. Wildhammers and high elves shared much in common in the past, including a love of nature and hatred of evil. Many high elves have grown introverted and brooding of late, which concerns the Wildhammers. The dwarves are appalled at the existence of the blood elves, and they see their high elven allies with new eyes. Wildhammers also get along well with night elves, as the two races share much.

Ironically, the Wildhammers might have more in common with the Horde than with the Alliance, but longtime rivalry and natural distrust prevents meaningful contact. Like other members of the Alliance, Wildhammers fought orcs in generations of warfare and cannot let old rivalries die. (Continues Next Page)

Continues – Pages 1  |  2

If you liked the excerpt, then pre-order your paperback copy of
World of Warcraft: Alliance Player Guide Here

Alliance Player?s Guide, a 160-page hardcover character book for World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, arrives in stores in April.

Copyright White Wolf Publishing

World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery - Content List

Uncover Warcraft’s Secrets

Battle across the unexplored continent of Kalimdor. Unearth dead civilizations in chilling Northrend. Hunt evils in the jungles of the Echo Isles. A world of adventure awaits!

A Sourcebook for World of Warcraft: The Role-Playing Game

  • Explores the regions of Kalimdor, Northrend, the Echo Isles, Undermine, and other uncharted regions in Azeroth, from inhabitants to geography to key individuals.
  • New prestige classes (including the South Seas buccaneer), new feats, new monsters, and new magic items appeal to all Warcraft players.
  • Three adventures set in the lands of mystery make this a great game master resource.
  • Designed with extensive input from the creative minds behind Blizzard’s best-selling World of Warcraft computer game and chock full of lore for fans of the online game.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.

192 page hardcover


Buy Now

eBook PDF

Credits 1
Legal Information 2
Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Northern Kalimdor 6
Ashenvale 7
Azshara 9
Darkshore 11
Felwood 13
Hyjal Summit 17
Moonglade 18
Teldrassil 20
Winterspring 23
Chapter 2: Central Kalimdor 27
The Barrens 27
Desolace 31
Durotar 34
Dustwallow Marsh 37
Mulgore 39
Orgrimmar 41
Stonetalon Mountains 44
Thunder Bluff 46
Chapter 3: Southern Kalimdor 49
Feralas 50
Silithus 53
Tanaris 56
Thousand Needles 60
Un?Goro Crater 63
Chapter 4: The South Seas 66
The Broken Isles 67
The Eye 70
Isle of Kezan 74
Plunder Isle 79
Zandalar 80
Chapter 5: Northrend 84
Azjol-Nerub 88
The Borean Tundra 92
Coldarra 95
Crystalsong Forest 97
The Dragonblight 99
Grizzly Hills 101
Howling Fjord 104
Icecrown Glacier 106
The Stormpeaks 109
Zul?Drak 111
Chapter 6: Civilizations 114
The Blue Dragonflight 114
Magnataur 125
Murlocs 132
Nerubians 141
Chapter 7: Adventures 150
Off to the Races 150
Ghost Ship 160
Troll Meat 170
Chapter 8: Organizations 179
The Bloodsail Buccaneers 179
The Burning Blade 182
Druids of the Fang 184
The Scourge 186
Chapter 9: New Rules 192
Prestige Classes 192
Buccaneer 192
Holy Strider 195
Techno Mage 198
Feats 202
Magic Items 205
Steam Armor and Equipment 206
Special Material 207
Spells 207
Table 6-1: The Blue Wyrmkin 120
Table 6-2: The Murloc 138
Table 9-1: The Buccaneer (Buc) 194
Table 9-2: The Holy Strider (Hst) 197
Table 9-3: The Techno Mage (Tmg) 201

Warcraft RPG: Lands of Conflict - Content List


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eBook PDF

Credits 4
Introduction 10

Chapter One: History & Culture

Lands of the Past 16
Lands of Savagery, Lands of Magic 16
Lands of Chaos, Lands of Empire 18
Lands of Darkness, Lands of Demons 20
Lands of Storms, Lands of the Horde 21
Lands of Conflict, Shadows of the Past 23


Warcraft RPG: Shadow and Light - Content List


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eBook PDF



Introduction 8

Chapter One: Forge of Power

Epic Core Classes 13
Epic Prestige Classes 18
New Epic Feats 24
New Feat 28

Chapter Two: Legends

Legends and Your Campaign 32
Heroes and Villains 34
Cairne Bloodhoof 34
Muradin Bronzebeard 36
Orgrim Doomhammer 37
Gul’dan 38
Grom Hellscream 39
Khadgar 41
Krasus (Korialstrasz) 42
Sir Anduin Lothar 43
Medivh 44
Sidebar: Guardian of Tirisfal 46
Jaina Proudmoore 47
Rhonin 49
Maiev Shadowsong 50
Malfurion Stormrage 51
Thrall 53
Uther the Lightbringer 54
Tyrande Whisperwind 55
Alleria Windrunner 57

Lords of the Burning Legion

Archimonde the Defiler 58
Kil’jaeden the Deceiver 59
Mannoroth the Destructor 61
Tichondrius the Darkener 62

Chapter Three: Eternals

Powers of Azeroth 67
New Template: Eternal 69

The Ancients

Agamaggan 71
Aviana 73
Queen Azshara 75
Cenarius 77
Elune 79
Malorne 81
Ursoc and Ursol 83
Lord Xavius 85

The Dragon Aspects

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder 87
Malygos the Spellweaver 90
Neltharion the Earth-Warder (Deathwing) 92
Nozdormu the Timeless 94
Ysera the Dreamer 97

The Elemental Lords

Special Abilities 99
Al’Akir the Windlord 99
Neptulon the Tidehunter 101
Ragnaros the Firelord 103
Therazane the Stonemother 105

The Titans

Titan Races 108
Aggramar the Avenger 110
Aman’Thul the High Father 112
Eonar the Lifebinder 114
Golganneth the Thunderer 116
Khaz’goroth the Shaper 118
Norgannon the Dreamweaver 119
Sargeras the Destroyer 121

Chapter Four: Cosmology


Chapter Five: The Planes

The Elemental Plane 136
New Template: Elemental Conglomerate 141
The Emerald Dream 143
New Template: Corrupted 147
Outland 149
Fungal Horror 151
The Twisting Nether 152
Infernals 154
Adamantine Stalker 156
Nether Dragon 157
Tothrezim 159

Appendix One: Spells & Magic Items

New Spells 162
Paramount Spells 163
New Magic Items 164

Appendix Two: Legal Information

Table 1-1: The Epic Healer 14
Table 1-2: The Epic Runemaster 15
Table 1-3: The Epic Scout 16
Table 1-4: The Epic Tinker 17
Table 1-5: The Epic Druid of the Wild 18
Table 1-6: The Epic Elven Ranger 19
Table 1-7: The Epic Marksman 20
Table 1-8: The Epic Necromancer 21
Table 1-9: The Epic Paladin Warrior 22
Table 1-10: The Epic Priest 23
Table 5-1: Elemental Hierarchy 141
Table 5-2: Elemental Conglomerate Types 142
Table 5-3: Spell-Like Abilities by Conglomerate Type 142
Table 5-4: Emerald Dream Random Encounters 145
Table 5-5: Corrupted Special Attacks 148
Table 5-6: Outland Random Encounters 150
Table 5-7: Twisting Nether Random Encounters 153

Diablo III—- Diablo 3 Overthrown Polystone Diorama

Sideshow Collectibles Sneak-Peek
Next in our line of Blizzard Entertainment collectibles is the Overthrown Diorama from the Diablo III game, which features an enraged warrior from the Barbarian class wielding dual weapons and caught in the heat of battle. The early unprimed, unpainted sculpt was recently unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con, revealing some of the intricacies in the piece. We were able to catch up with Pablo Viggiano, the sculptor of this dynamic piece, to hear what he had to say about the project:

As a fan of all the Blizzard games out there, I found myself working this time on an exciting Diablo 3 project, thanks to Sideshow once again. The project was really tough. I had been provided with exhaustive reference drawings and had to be very accurate with all the detailing and forms of the parts, such as the 2 massive axes on his hands, the 3 elaborated swords on his back, the extremely detailed armor, the 2 heads, the huge skull Demon portrait as base, etc. As sculptor, I learn a lot working on projects like this. You know, it requires a high amount of “let’s think what to do first” before starting to move forward at different stages so, it was a very welcome project, as usual.

In order to get started, the first thing that came to my mind was working on a rough anatomy of both the Demon skull and the Barbarian. This way I could get things proportioned and in pose, approved for the next stage. From there, I will end up working each and every part of the figure in Apoxy by modeling, cutting, sanding, carving and devastating pieces with Dremmel, the usual steps. Since the making of this figure was very complex, it makes it hard to explain a step by step in words, however, the following images below explain it a bit better. Now, I can’t wait for the painted version!

I want to thank specially to Tom Gilliland, Brock Otterbacher and Jason Bischoff from Blizzard, for being so patient.

While you wait for images of the final painted diorama, take a gander at the in-progress photos below, courtesy of Mr. Viggiano himself, to see some of the fine detail before heading over to the Pre-Order page for more information on this barbaric new diorama!

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

World of Warcraft TCG: Fires of Outland Store

Upper Deck Entertainment just announced that the new Fires of Outland expansion for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is available in stores starting today.

This new set features the most sought-after LOOT Cards ever released for the WoW TCG – Goblin Gumbo, Gone Fishin, and Spectral Tiger. LOOT cards are randomly inserted into each WoW TCG set to give players access to unique in-game items in the World of Warcraft online game.


Available in Stores Now!

New Set Features the Hottest and Most Sought-After Loot™ Cards Ever Released For World of Warcraft TCG

Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) turns up the heat this summer with the newest addition to the award-winning World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game (TCG) – Fires of Outland™.  Unleashing fury around the world, the new Fires of Outland expansion set will feature all-new content and the hottest Loot™ cards ever released in the TCG.  The new set is currently available at participating stores across the world.

Fires of Outland features new cards that allow players to now take on the role of Draenei and Blood Elf heroes from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade™ expansion pack, in addition to new hero options from the previously available races.  Each expansion pack will contain 15 game play cards and 1 UDE point card.

Lucky players will have a chance to find brand-new, randomly inserted Loot cards in Fires of Outland that give players who receive them access to unique World of Warcraft in-game items.  The set’s new “Goblin Gumbo,” “Gone Fishin’” and “Spectral Tiger” cards offer a reusable gumbo kettle, a fishing chair and a mountable epic speed spectral tiger, respectively.  The set’s Loot cards will also feature foil versions of the Loot cards with a modified card template, which adds a great look to any player’s deck.  All Loot cards can only be found through the World of Warcraft TCG.

Additionally, Fires of Outland will feature amazing original artwork from today’s top creators such as Alex Horley Orlandelli, Dermot Power, Daren Bader, and Zoltan and Gabor, and UDE Point cards that players can use to cash in for exciting and exclusive products on

All World of Warcraft TCG products are heavily supported by UDE Organized Play programs.  Upcoming tournaments and programs made especially for the TCG include the upcoming World of Warcraft TCG $100,000 World Championship Tournament (late November).  Each tournament will also feature numerous World of Warcraft TCG events and activities for players of all levels.

For more information on World of Warcraft TCG products and UDE Organized Play programs, log on to or

World of Warcraft# 11 Comic Book - DC Comics / Wildstorm


Magni returns to Ironforge, along with Lo’Gosh and his comrades in arms. In Stormwind, Marshall Windsor goes missing after stumbling upon clues to the disappearance of King Varian. It’s off to Blackrock Depths for our heroes; but are they prepared for what they will find?

Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Jon Buran & Jerome K. Moore
Covers by Samwise Didier & Ludo Lullabi

On sale September 17 – 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

World of Warcraft# 9 Comic Book - DC Comics / Wildstorm

Lo’Gosh, Valeera, Broll, and Thargas make their way to Ironforge via a circuitous route through the Wetlands. And back in Stormwind, Prince Anduin suspects all is not as it seems with his father, King Varian.

On sale July 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Walter Simonson. Covers by Samwise Didier and Ludo Lullabi

Art by Jon Landry & Jerome K. Moore

World of Warcraft# 2 Comic Book - DC Comics / Wildstorm


Now battle-tested, Rehgar’s gladiators head to Dire Maul where they will square off against the reigning champions, the Gor’Dok Ogres! The mysterious fighter begins to unravel his past, but lucky for him and his unlikely elvish allies, he doesn’t need his memories to fight to the death!

  Written by Walter Simonson; Art by Ludo Lullabi & Sandra Hope; Covers by Jim Lee and Samwise Didier



Croc-Bait duels the orc blademaster Hyku Steeledge. The orc overreaches, is smacked with Croc-Bait’s cudgel, then bisected with the human’s sword. Valeera ponders where he learned to fight while Rehgar heals her wounds. He tells her he had arranged the battle for the team to expect the unexpected. Valeera apologizes to Bronn for mana tapping him earlier. Croc-Bait is awarded Hyku’s twin swords for being the winner of the fight.

In the Hall of Legends, Rehgar and his gladiators enter the Crimson Ring’s secret armory containing spoils of war. Valeera, Broll, and Croc-Bait get to pick something for themselves to use in the arena match at Dire Maul. Valeera picks twin orc daggers, Broll picks a stag-head staff, and Croc-Bait picks a lion’s head belt. When he touches it, he gets a flashback. A bald, bearded man stands on the deck of a boat on the ocean in a storm. He is wearing the lionhead belt, and calls Croc-Bait “lad” and refers to an ongoing war.

The goblin Captain Grizzgear transports the team to Dire Maul via zeppelin. Underway, he talks of Sparkeye, the leader of the recently bested arena team, and of Rend Blackhand’s Blackrock orcs wreaking havoc beyond Grim Batol and skirmishing across the Burning Steppes with Dark Iron dwarves who are moving from their deep caverns out into the world. Valeera mentions that Croc-Bait never smiles.

Dire Maul was built 12,000 years ago as Eldre’Thalas. The ogres stage yearly games in a small pocket near the city’s northeastern wall. Rehgar’s team is met with mockery and insults. An ogre boy throws a rotten pear on Broll, who enrages and goes into bear form. Only Croc-Bait keeps him from killing the ogreling by appealing to the night elf’s conscience.

Last year’s Dire Maul champions are the “Gordunni Clan of Ancient Draenor”. They are three ogres named Two-Heads, Giago and Brlee. They are all melee fighters, and Giago has ogre boss armor.

In individual trials, Broll defeats a centaur, Valeera kills a quilboar, and Croc-bait offs a Frostmane troll by throwing his blademaster sword through its throat. The crowd is is angered and keeps betting against the team while taunting them. The next day, the team faces the ogre trio.

Brlee engages Croc-Bait, Two-Heads attacks Valeera, and Giago goes for Broll. The ogres attack, and only Broll doesn’t manage to avoid the blow, taking the flail to the shoulder, then going bear form and hamstrimming the ogre boss. Croc-Bait lures Brlee closer to them and makes him accidentally kill Giago with a wide axe-swipe. Broll then gets trapped under the corpse.

Valeera tricks Two-Heads’ two heads into arguing with each other. As he headslams himself, she slips off and helps Broll up. Meanwhile, Brlee’s managed to cut up Croc-Bait’s thigh, but a second blow is parried. Valeera runs in to help, but gets hit by Brlee’s third swing. Croc-Bait, furious, drives his sword through the ogre’s head.

A purple (dark?) troll in the stands yells in surprise that the human moves like the spirit of Lo’Gosh himself. Broll carries Valeera away to heal her while Croc-Bait attacks Two-Heads who’s just realized he’s been duped. Croc-Bait leaps up, avoiding the ogre’s blow, and cuts one of its heads off. The troll excitedly calls him Lo’Gosh, and the chant gets picked up by the crowd. The newly renamed human kills off the formerly two-headed ogre with a solid stab. The crowd screams Lo’Gosh repeatedly.

Rehgar says “Log’Gosh” means “Ghost Wolf”. Two days later, he sells Valeera for 2000 gold to Helka Grimtotem, who likes the blood elf’s spunk, intelligence, and unpredictabilty, to use her as leader for an all-female arena team.

Summary by varghedin

Starcraft: Ghost: Nova - Excerpt

November 2006
Pocketbook, 320 pages


Four years after the end of the Brood War, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk has rebuilt much of the Terran Dominion and consolidated a new military force despite an ever-present alien threat. Within this boiling cauldron of strife and subversion, a young woman known only as Nova shows the potential to become Mengsk’s most lethal and promising “Ghost” operative. Utilizing a combination of pure physical aptitude, innate psychic power, and advanced technology, Nova can strike anywhere with the utmost stealth. Like a phantom in the shadows, she exists only as a myth to the enemies of the Terran Dominion.

Yet Nova wasn’t born a killer. She was once a privileged child of one of the Old Families of the Terran Confederacy, but her life changed forever when a rebel militia murdered her family. In her grief, Nova unleashed her devastating psychic powers, killing hundreds in a single, terrible moment. Now, on the run through the slums of Tarsonis, she is unable to trust anyone. Pursued by a special agent tasked with hunting down rogue telepaths, Nova must come to terms with both her burgeoning powers and her guilt—before they consume her and destroy everything in her path….

Product Details
Pocket Star, November 2006
Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN-10: 0-7434-7134-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-7434-7134-3


As soon as she felt Cliff Nadaner’s mind, Nova knew that she could destroy her family’s murderer with but a thought. She’d spent days working her way through the humid jungles of the smallest of the ten continents of Tyrador VIII. ‘Funny how I tried so hard to avoid this planet’s twin, and now I wind up here’, she had thought when the drop-pod left her smack in the middle of the densest part of the jungle—before the rebels had a chance to lock onto the tiny pod, or so her superiors on the ship in high orbit insisted. The eighth planet in orbit of Tyrador was locked in a gravitational dance with the ninth planet, similar to that of a regular planet and a moon, but both worlds were of sufficient size to sustain life. They also both had absurd extremes of climate, thanks to their proximity to each other—if Nova were to travel only a few kilometers south, farther from Tyrador VIII’s equator, the temperature would lower thirty degrees, the humidity would disappear, and she’d need to adjust her suit’s temperature control in the other direction.

For now, though, the form-fitting white-with-navy-blue-trim-suit—issued by her teachers at the Ghost Academy when her training was complete—was set to keep her cool, which it did, up to a point. The suit covered every inch of her flesh save her head. The circuity weaved throughout the suit’s fabric might interfere with Nova’s telepathy, and since her telepathy was pretty much the entire reason WHY she was training to become a Ghost, it wouldn’t do to interfere with THAT. This suit wasn’t quite the complete model she would be using when she became a Ghost—for one thing, the circuitry that allowed the suit to go into stealth mode had yet to be installed. Once that happened, Nova would be able to move about virtually undetected—certainly invisible to plain sight and most passive scans. But she wasn’t ready for that yet. First she had to accomplish this mission.

The suit’s design meant that sweat dropped into her eyes and plastered the bangs of her blond hair to her scalp. The ponytail she kept the rest of her hair in was like a heavy damp rope hanging off the back of her head.

“At least the rest of my body is comfortable”.

The suit’s stealth mode would probably have been redundant in this jungle in any case. The flora of Tyrador VIII was so thick, and the humid air so hazy, she only knew what was a meter in front of her from the sensor display on the suit’s wrist unit. Intelligence Section told her that Cliff Nadaner was headquartered somewhere in the jungle on this planet. They weren’t completely sure where—though still only a trainee, albeit not for much longer, Nova had already learned that the first half of IS’s designation was a misnomer—but they had intercepted several communiqu?s that their cryptographers insisted used the code tagged for Nadaner.

In the waning days of the Confederacy, Nadaner was one of many agitators who spoke out against the Old Families and the Council and the Confederacy in general. He was far from the only one who did so. The most successful, of course, was the leader of the Sons of Korhal, Arcturus Mengsk—in fact, he was so successful that he actually did overthrow the Confederancy of Man and replaced it with the Terran Dominion, of which he was now the emperor and supreme leader. Nadaner did somewhat more poorly in the field of achieving political change, though he was very skilled at causing trouble and killing people.

Days of plowing through the jungle had revealed nothing. All Nova was picking up was random black ground radiation, plus signals from the various satellites in orbit of the planet, holographic signals from various wild animals that scientists had tagged for study in their natural habitat, and faint electromagnetic signatures from the outer reaches of this continent or one of the other nine more densely populated ones. All of it matched existing Tyrador VIII records and therefore could be discarded as not belonging to the rebels. And now she was reading a completely dead zone about half a kilometer ahead, at the extreme range of the sensors in her suit.

“This is starting to get frustrating”.

She had completely lost track of time. Had it been four days? Five? Impossible to tell, since this planet’s fast orbit gave it a shorter day than what she was accustomed to on Tarsonis, with its twenty-seven-hours day. She supposed she could have checked the computer built into her suit, but for some reason she thought that would be cheating.

“Let’s see, I’ve got enough rations for a month, which means ninety packs. I’ve been eating pretty steadily, more or less on track for three squares a day, and I’ve gone through fourteen packs, so that makes—“

Then, suddenly, it hit her.

“A dead zone.”

She adjusted the sensors from passive scan to active scan. Sure enough, they didn’t pick up a thing—nothing from the satellites, nothing from the animal tags, nothing from the cities farther south.

Nothing at all. Nova smiled. She cast her mind outward gently and surgically—not forcefully and sloppily, the way she always had back in the Gutter—and sought out the mind of the man who killed her family. In truth, Nadaner had not personally killed her family. That was done by a man named Gustavo McBain, a former welder who was working a construction contract on Mar Sara when the Confederates ordered the destruction of Korhal IV—an action that killed McBain’s entire family, including his pregnant wife Danielle, their daughter Natasha, and their unborn son. McBain had sworn that the Confederacy of Man would pay for that action. However, instead of joining Mengsk—himself the child of a victim of Korhal IV’s bombardment with nuclear weapons—he looked up with Cliff Nadaner’s merry band of agitators. Nova learned all that when she killed McBain. Telepathy made it impossible for a killer not to know her victim intimately. McBain’s last thoughts were of Daniella, Natasha, and his never-named son. Now, three years later, having come to the end of her Ghost training, her “graduation” assignment, which came from Emperor Mengsk himself, was to be dropped in the middle of Tyrador VIII’s jungle, and to seek, locate, and destroy the rest of Nadaner’s group. Mengsk had even less patience for rebel groups than the government his own rebel group had overthrown.

Within five minutes, she found the mind she was looking for. It wasn’t hard, once she had a general location to focus on, especially since they were the first higher-order thoughts she’d come across since the drop-pod opened up and disintegrated. (Couldn’t risk Dominion tech getting into the wrong hands, after all. If she completed her mission, they’d send a ship to extract her, since then they could land a ship without risk, as Nadaner’s people would be dead, and her suit was designed to do to her what was done to the drop-pod if her life signs ceased. Couldn’t risk Dominion telepaths getting into the wrong hands, either, dead or alive.)

It was Nadaner. Also about a dozen of Nadaner’s associates, but their thoughts were focused on Nadaner—those that were focused at all. The man himself was chanting something. No, singing. He was singing a song, and half his people were drunk, no doubt secure in the kinowledge that no one would find them in their jungle location, with its dampening field blocking any signals. It probably never occurred to them that an absence of signals would be just as big as a signpost.

“Complacent people are easier to kill”, she thought, parroting back one of Seargent Hartley’s innumerable one-sentence life sessions.

She was to kill them from a d
istance, using her telepathy. Yes, her training was complete, and sh
e should have been able to take down Nadaner and his people physically with little difficulty—espacially since half of them were three sheets to the wind—but that wasn’t the mission. The mission was to get close enough to feel their minds clearly and then kill them psionically.

That was the mission. For the next two hours, Nova ran through the jungle, getting closer to her goal. After her “graduation”, the suit would be able to increase her speed, allowing her to run this same distance in a quarter of the time, but that circuitry hadn’t been installed, either.

“The hell with the mission. That bastard ordered McBain and the rest of his little gang of killers to murder my family. I want to see his face when I kill him right back.”

Soon, she reached the dead zone. She could hear Nadaner’s thoughts as cleary as if he’d been whispering in her ear. He’d finished singing and was now telling a story of one of his exploits in the Confederate Marines before he got fed up, quit, and started his revolution, a story that Nova knew was about ninety percent fabrication. He had been in the Marines, and he had been on Antiga Prime once, but that was where his story’s intersection with reality ended.

With just one thought, she could kill him. End him right there.

“That is the mission. You don’t need to see his face, you can feel his mind! You’ll know he’s dead with far more surety than if you just saw him, his eyes rolling up in his head, blood leaking out of his eyes and ears and nose from the brain hemorrhaging. Kill him now.”

Suddenly, she realized what day it was.

“Fourteen packs, which means the better part of three days. Which means today’s my eighteenth birthday. It’s been three years to the day since Daddy told me I was coming to this very star system.”

She shook her head, even as Nadaner finished his story, and started another one, which had even less truth than the first.

A tear ran slowly down Nova’s cheek. “It was such a good party, too…”

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War or the Ancients Trilogy, book three: The Sundering

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Warcraft: The Last Guardian

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