Horde and Alliance assaults against the Twilight’s Hammer have slaughtered many of the cult’s fearsome elemental ascendants. One exception is Arcurion, a formidable ice ascendant tasked to slay Thrall and retrieve the Dragon Soul. Should this twisted elemental being succeed, nothing will be able to stop Deathwing from ushering in the Hour of Twilight.

    Hand of Frost

    Arcurion’s icy grip reaches out and chills his target causing 50000 frost damage.

    Chains of Frost

    Arcurion traps all enemies in Chains of Frost preventing them from moving.

    Icy Tomb

    Arcurion encases Thrall in an Icy Tomb. Free Thrall so that he can keep the ambushing forces at bay! Note: Magic effect.

    Frozen Servitor

    Arcurion’s minions begin to surround the canyon. Watch out for falling debris as they try to crush you into the ground with Icy Boulders!

    • Icy Boulder: Arcurion’s minions assault you with tremendous blocks of ice dealing 20000 frost damage.

    Torrent of Frost

    At 30% health, Arcurion unleashes a devastating Torrent of Frost dealing 15000 frost damage each second to all enemies and reducing their movement speed by 50%.