DC Comics added the digital download version of World of Warcraft # 8 to the Comixology store. Thargas Anvilmar makes his debut in this comic book issue. He was introduced as a action figure by DC Unlimited, and then as a comic book character under the pen of Walter Simonson (writer) and Jon Buran (Penciler).

From the pages of the World of Warcraft comic book, you can now find Thargas Anvilmar as an NPC in Dun Modr giving you quests to kill the Dark Iron Dwarves within who now wear the Twilight’s Hammer clothes.

“The Return” begins a new story arc set in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Upon learning he is in fact the missing king of Stormwind, Lo’Gosh returns to reclaim his throne with his comrades-in-arms Valeera, and Broll. But all is not as it seems in the eastern kingdom, especially if one informed dwarf has anything to say about it. Enter Thargas Anvilmar!

Cover: Samwise Didier, Ludo Lullabi
Writer: Walter Simonson
Pencils: Jon Buran
Inks: Jerome Moore

Digital Release Date: January 5, 2011
Publish Date: June 18, 2008