Blizzard Entertainment posted a new Starcraft II short-story titled Heaven’s Devils: Lost Transmissions. It’s to be part 1 of 4. About a couple years ago, Blizzard and Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books released a novel titled Starcraft II: Heaven’s Devils by William C. Dietz.

The story revolved around Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay’s early days at age 18+ when they were part of a team named the Heaven’s Devils. Raynor was held prisoner at the Kel-Morian Internment Camp-36 where he met one of the War Pigs (Starcraft comic book).

Keep an eye in an upcoming Starcraft novel by Christie Golden titled Starcraft II: Devil’s Due.

Blizzard Quote:

Part 1 of 4. Heaven’s Devils: Lost Transmissions will reveal previously unreleased communications between UNN reporters Max Speer and Michael Liberty. Each broadcast offers a glimpse into the maneuverings of both the Confederacy and the outlaws James Raynor and Tychus Findlay, formerly of the Heaven’s Devils.

UNN Evening Report:

Haji Fire!

(UNN) – Reports are coming in about a massive explosion near a settlement on the moon Haji. Only hours ago, Magistrates from the Mirsale subcontinent alerted Confederate authorities regarding what is assumed to be a faulty reactor incident. The subsequent fire is endangering the lives of the 3 million colonists who work in the surrounding mines and terraforming factories. Confederate forces are moving at breakneck speed to restore vital services and save civilian lives.

Private Data-txt Sent from MSpeer to MLiberty

Hey Mike, hope things are going well. Looks like you’ve managed to avoid pissing off the bigwigs at UNN thus far, for which I heartily congratulate you.

Listen, I’ll be quick. I’ve had my eyes opened since going freelance out here in the field. Seen some nasty stuff done under our beloved flag, and I don’t know how long I can keep quiet about all this. So I’m unloading it all on you, pal. I know we never really got along, but—maybe it’s because you were the only one who ever listened when I bitched about my reports getting censored? I don’t know if you even want to do anything with this info. Stuff it all in a can if you want. Or maybe you really are the reporter I suspect you are and will consider doing some damn reporting some day. Anyway, here it is:

The Confederacy is using its state-run puppet show to lie to us again. I am currently stationed in the city of Geladi on the northern end of Mirsale, and the inferno is raging out of control.

This fire is NOT part of a reactor explosion. That is what they want you to believe.

The fire was set by local Confed authorities to trap some government-branded criminals inside an abandoned archeological dig site. Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, the one-time military heroes I’ve been reporting on—the guys who led the Heaven’s Devils outfit—were hiding out there. Looks as if somebody snitched to the garrison officer. According to reports that I’ve intercepted, the CO here—General Sol Kervock—knew that the area had too many exit points that his targets could escape by, so he ordered that the surrounding buildings be set ablaze. The fires have now spread to nearby boroughs and threaten the lives of innocent civilians.

The Confederacy is putting lives at risk in order to achieve its narrow aims. I know you’re not surprised, and neither am I.

I will let you know more as events unfold.