Nepal is a Control map where two teams fight to hold a single objective at a time. The first team …read more

Volskaya Industries

Volskaya Industries is an assault map located in Russia, and the manufacturer of the massive human-piloted Svyatogor mechs that independently …read more

Ilios Map

Ilios is an Overwatch watchpoint located in a Greece archipielago. Properly, Ilios seems to be an island.

Ilios is a …read more

2016 Topps Warcraft Cards Cancelled

The Topps Warcraft Cards are no more. Last year, we reported details from the SDCC 2015 showfloor about upcoming licensed products. Among the licensees was TOPPS, which planned to launch a card collection based on the Warcraft Movie. It is now official that TOPPS has cancelled development. They did no offer any details concerning the […]
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WARCRAFT movie # 1 in TOP 20 Selling Blu-Ray Discs

According to the NPD VideoScan powered by Nielsen, the WARCRAFT Blu-Ray Disc reached #1 with an index 100 in the TOP 20 Selling Blu-Ray Disc List for the Week ending October 6th. The WARCRAFT Blu-Ray arrived to stores in the United States on September 27th (Order it). That’s not the only accomplishment. Central Intelligence (Warner) […]
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