Anglepoint Wharf

HELP WANTED: HELP WANTED. An unidentified illness has cropped up in Anglepoint Wharf. Those experienced with medicine or healing should …read more

Be Our Guest

Lord Aldrius Norwington: My dear friend (Name), I do hope you enjoy the festival. I throw it every year to …read more

Stone Soup

Recipe Rock: On the surface of the rock you find carvings of what you make out to be ingredients.
If you …read more

Hot Pursuit

Taelia: Priscilla’s escaping on horseback! Grab one of our chargers and chase her down!
Mount a Proudmoore Charger and chase …read more

Miner Operation

Chief Miner Theock: The mine is in real trouble. We’ve been excavating for a short while, but never seen anything …read more


Nokano: Lemme guess, da saurid stole sometin’ of yours as well, eh? Look, I not got da time to run …read more

Curse of Jani

Jani: Thief and killer, know that you stand before the Patron of Scavengers, the Lord of Thieves, the god of …read more

Gorilla Warfare

Tsunga: Your timing is most fortuitous, stranger. I thank you for your assistance. Things are not peaceful in Gorilla Gorge. …read more

The Betrayal of Zul

Zolani: Come hero, let us hope we are not too late.
Help Zolani and Habutu stop a coup.

(CUTSCENE PLAYS: …read more

A Port in Peril

King Rastakhan: A group of mogu have taken hold of Warport Rastari and now threaten to encroach further into my …read more