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Blizzplanet – Contributor Writers Wanted

Blizzplanet is looking for serious, responsible, energetic and passionate Blizzard gamers and long-standing visitors to become volunteer contributors.

By completing the application form below, and upon acceptance, you will write news about your favorite Blizzard game at least twice a week. You will be posting them on the front page of Blizzplanet by yourself.


You are welcome to write articles from time to time. Feel free to provide feedback and ideas too. Contributors will be joining the staff of an 11-year old Fansite and gain the opportunity to hold interviews with Blizzard developers and novel writers when possible.

**Experienced podcasters, video streamers, eSports news readers, League of Legends veterans, Magic: The Gathering veterans, and video editors are also welcome to apply. Please, let me know about these skills when we talk on Skype, and be ready to provide samples of your past work in that field.

Level 90 Boost Debate

The level 90 boost debate started after the latest patch 5.4.7 went online and accidentally the feature’s UI appeared briefly. The pricing displayed was $60.
This glitch in the system might be a placeholder, and not the correct pricing. So you shouldn’t worry too much until we see the feature coming …read more – Para Latino America

A few months ago, I launched the Blizzplanet Latino America website as a sub-domain ( This week, Blizzplanet turns 11 years old, and I listened to ARQfred refer to the site as Blizzplanet-ESP. The original Blizzplanet name was born through a staff member back in 2002. It hit a memory lane, and I told ARQfred so be it — it is Blizzplanet-ESP.

The spanish version of Blizzplanet started as an experiment. My first language is spanish, and for many years I had the restlessness to launch a Blizzplanet in spanish for fellow Latino American Blizzard fans.

ARQfredo, Trometamol and xHuge have been active all these months posting news in spanish. This Blizzplanet Spanish is not just a translation of the english site. It mostly has its own sets of news.

Every month I have checked traffic, and I’m satisfied to admit the experiment worked. The top visitors are coming from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and United States.

Visit for Blizzard gaming news en Español.

Happy 11th Anniversary — Blizzard, Blizzplanet staff and Community!

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Screenshots Teaser # 1

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor creative director Alex (Furor) Afrasiabi recently posted two new screenshots via Twitter to tease Gorgrond and Talador.

Gorgrond and Frostfire Ridge were part of the original continent, but when Ner’zhul opened the portals that tore the world of Draenor apart, both zones collided creating a …read more

Jinx Spring 2014 Collection – World of Warcraft Azeroth Alliance/Horde Zip-Up Hoodies

Jinx launched a brand-new World of Warcraft Hoodie for this Spring 2014 season. Actually, two Hoodies. How’s that? Well, you may choose the Horde Hoodie or the Alliance Hoodie. How nice is that?
The Azeroth Alliance Hoodie has the Stormwind Lion symbol-shaped zipper, the Stormwind Lion Logo on the front at …read more

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