Zul’Aman - Nalorakk the Bear Avatar Video

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On my first day, I headed straight into Zul’Aman.  First thing you should do is head to Shattrath City, by the lower city. The Scryers and Aldor investigations on Griftah seem to have finished.  Griftah is back in lower city, and he offers you a Zul’Aman quest.  Griftah sends you to a human colleague: Bud Nedreck, who may be found by the village on the Hatchet Hills—the right side of Zul’Aman’s outdoor entrance. Nicely the mini-map now shows a question mark revealing the location of quests npcs, as well as a green exclamation mark displaying on the mini-map where to find a flightmaster. The quest given by Griftah is titled:

QUEST 1: “Oooh, Shinies!”

Bud Nedreck (coughs, redneck) gives you the quest titled “Promises. Promises…” which asks you to retrieve a map from Nalorakk the Bear Avatar’s terrace.  The reward is a nice 20-slots bag for your inventory slot.

QUEST 2: “Promises. Promises…”

It wasn’t hard to find a group of 10-players.  PvP was very intense in front of the Zul’Aman zone-in.  The troll mobs hit somewhat hard, but it is manageable. Keep a few crowd controlled and it is cake.  Nearing the right side of the dungeon, the Bear Troll boss greeted us sending in four trolls at us.

As you head right two trolls atop bear mounts and two casters attack you. Cloth players should stay away. They cleave and one-shot kill you. Keep the casters crowd controlled while your melee players take care of the bear mounts.

At the top of the terrace awaits Nalorakk the Bear Avatar boss. He has four abilities your team needs to be concerned with.

  • Charge: Causes a 25% health damage.
  • Roar: Causes a 2 sec. Silence aoe
  • Mangle: All bleed effects cause 100% additional damage
  • Lacerating Slash: Bleeding for 1735 damage every 2 secs.

As you can see your healers need to be on their toes, and bring along mana pots. He starts fighting you in humanoid form. It is easy tank and spank while he is in this form.  He will randomly charge a player causing around 25% health damage.  Don’t waste mana healing these charged players.  All charged players should bandage themselves. Focus mana on healing the melee players.

Nalorakk will shapeshift into a dire bear and you will hear his emote: “You call on da beast, you gonna get more dan you bargain for!”.  At this point healers must be alert.  The main tank might be one-shot killed easily, otherwise.  In bear form, Nalorakk will slash at the main tank with Mangle causing all bleed effects to cause 100% additional damage.  Right after mangle, he will apply lacerating slash causing a bleeding debuff which damages the main tank for 1735 damage every 2 secs. The mangle debuff multiplies that.  Based on what I heard during the fight, Nalorakk will randomly crush the main tank.  That means while in bear form, it is recommended to keep the tank topped up with heals when both debuffs are visible, specially due to the 2 second silence AOE roar.  This is a gear-check boss event.

If your main tank dies, no sweat.  Just run back toward the stairway.  Nalorakk resets.  This boss doesn’t require much coordination.  The video below may show a Noralakk kill and what happens during the event. Piece of cake.

Take in mind the holy priest is no longer my main character, so it’s poorly geared.  It lacks mp5 gear, so it runs out of mana quick. I used two mana pots, and released the flesheater pet twice.  With some Karazhan gear I was still able to down the boss.  So if you have been farming Karazhan for a while, you will be able to kill this Zul’Aman boss.  My main character, a blood elf holy paladin might have better results as it has T4 gear, and a T5-shoulder.

Watch the video



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