Xfire Wow Movie Contest

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Xfire has three new announcements to share with its users. Read below:

1. We have been pleased to put together a ?best of? video from the World of Warcraft Movie Contest, showcasing the finalists in the 8 different categories. The contest produced over 120 quality submissions, and we wanted to show our appreciation by making this best of video. Please check it out by going to:

2. I would also like to remind our users about the upcoming deadline for the Axe Fan Film Fest. The Early Bird submission is due by May 5th, just a few days away. If anyone is working on a movie for the final deadline, send us whatever you have?you can resubmit your final version to us before June 5th. We loved the WoW videos and are look forward to seeing more great machinima. To check out the rules (and the prizes) go to:

Finally, we would like to thank our users who turned up to our Gaming Movie Gathering and asked a lot of good questions to our guest experts. If you missed the chat, but would like to see what advice the artists at Myndflame (Illegal Danish Super Snacks), Rufus Cubed (Billy Maclure), and Machinima.com had to give, check out the chat logs at:

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