Xfire $20,000 Machinima Movie Contest

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Xfire and a mystery sponsor are proud to announce the Fan Film Fest, the latest machinima contest on Xfire. With $20,000 in cash and prizes, this contest will bring out the best efforts from the ever growing machinima community.

A good number of the details for this event are still classified. What we can tell you is that we have a web page that will contain all of the information to you as it is revealed.

This contest is unique in the fact that there will be two deadlines (think of it as two contests).

“Early Bird Special” entry will reward those entrants who can submit their work by the early deadline. The main contest will dole out a lump sum of cash to a select group of winners.

We are launching the contest in this “mystery” fashion because we want the machinima community to be ready to go upon official launch. A few extra days of brainstorming always helps when $20,000 is on the line.

The web page is located Here.

Please use the Xfire forums to post questions about the contest.


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