WWI 2008 - Fansites Dinner with Blizzard

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On Friday, June 27 – Blizzard invited the Fansites to a dinner in a very cool restaurant. I have never used a macbook with built-in camera before, nor iMovie—so … don’t blame my great camera skills. This is a short video showing us at the restaurant.

In the video you can see sweet Nethaera (World of Warcraft Community Manager); Karune (Starcraft 2 Community Manager) and Lina So; Leord and Maticus (IncGamers/WorldofWar.net); LordofAscension (SClegacy), Aldorian (Wow Stratics), Starcraft2.hu, Starcraft-ESP, Jeff (Ten Ton Hammer), and myself at the horrible shaking camera. I will get you the other fansite names soon as possible.

It was a nice time, even with the medical inconveniences.

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