Wrath of the Lich King - Wintergrasp Lake & New Arenas

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Eurogamer squared an interview with Tom Chilton and J. Allen Brack to discuss the Death Knight hero class and Wintergrasp Lake (World PvP) among other topics.

Eurogamer: Are you confident that [open-world player-versus player zone] Lake Wintergrasp, and the new battleground, can do something new with the PVP side of the game?

Tom Chilton: Well, certainly it’s very new. We’ve done a lot of internal testing on the siege engines and destructible buildings and it certainly feels different. The battleground is a little bit more limited in terms of how different it is; it doesn’t have the same level of depth that Wintergrasp does.

But I think the most difficult thing with Wintergrasp is going to be giving players the experience that they imagine when we have no way of controlling how many players show up for it, and how balanced it might be in terms of how many players there might be on one side versus the other. We’re building in safeguards, things to help when your side has fewer players, and trying to design it so it scales reasonably well between 200 people or 30 people. So hopefully those things will work out, but I would definitely say that it’s the biggest unknown in the expansion, because world PVP is by far the most unpredictable thing for us.

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