Wrath of the Lich King Beta Soon?

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Bornakk replied to a fan that Blizzard doesn’t offer ETAs.  Many things may happen throughout the development cycles to cause a delay.  Nevertheless, it looks like it may be within 2008.  This month Burning Crusade became a year-old.  On an interview the past year, it was estimated an expansion per year could happen. At this rate, that hasn’t happened. It was simply an ideal goal.

Back on 2004, closed beta started around April-May until November 2004.  Burning Crusade Beta started around October-November 2006 and ended on January 2007.  Take a pick for your speculation mill.

Bornakk: “We do not provide release dates or estimates on games as we have to wait until it’s ready and we have a date we are confident and close to hitting. We have awhile to wait before it will be released though, that’s the best I can give you.”—WoW Forums

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