WoWRadio - WoW Idol 2008 Contest

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WoW Radio is pleased to announce “WoW Idol 2008”, sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment & Upper Deck Entertainment. Show us your singing skills by submitting an original or parodied song based upon the game, “World of Warcraft” from Dec. 26th – Jan. 18th. Ten finalists will be selected on Jan. 20th. The finalists will then compete to become the next WoW Idol.

Upon becoming a finalist, your song will be featured on the WoW Radio website, available for download. On Jan. 27th, five winners will be announced. Critic’s Choice (first, second, and third places), Listener’s Choice (selected by listeners of WoW Radio via public voting), and Comically Bad (awarded to the intentionally worst song submitted) will all receive prize packages.

Winners will receive the following prizes:

WoW Idol : Critic’s Choice (1st Place)  &  Listener’s Choice Winner
World of Warcraft Signed Cinematic Poster
UDE Sword of a Thousabnd Truths T-Shirt
Blizzard Murloc T-Shirt
BlizzCon Murloc Suit/Beta Key Card
and More to be Announced!

Critic’s Choice (2nd & 3rd Place)
UDE Sword of a Thousand Truths T-Shirt
BlizzCon Murloc Suit/Beta Key Card

Comically Bad
Blizzcon Murloc Suit/Beta Key Card

Contest Rules:
The contest is open to everyone regardless of geographical location. Song submissions MUST be between three and five minutes in length. More than one submission is allowed, however, for obvious reasons, only one submission per person will be considered in the selection of finalists. To submit your entry, please email [email protected] and good luck.

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