Wow: Unusual Pizza Hut Call

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A fan shared in the official forums a hilarious MP3 recording of a call to Pizza Hut requesting an Epic Pizza … things went really scary from that point on, as the guy starts talking in World of Warcraft terms such as “Can you build a bridge to the AH and we can meet there, and then I’ll give you 50g for the pizza and we’ll fly away on a gryphon together!”, asking for Legendary orange pizza, and so on. Pizza Hut workers really need a raise if they have to put up with this type of phone orders on a daily basis.  Listen to the MP3 Here

Blacksilver@Rexxar: “One amusing day on Ventrilo, we had a talk about other games. Somewhere it was brought up on how Everquest got the /pizza command to get an epic pizza.

So we had Woohah call Pizza Hut and attempt to order his own Epic Pizza. Things get wierd when he reffers to World of Warcraft while ordering.

There are some changes in the file, I had to edit out names and numbers and addresses. We used a real name address and phone number in order to pull this off. If you enjoyed this, part 2 will come out in which he calls back to get the pizza delivered.”

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