WoW Stratics Announces New WoW Webcomic: Emissary

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WoW Stratics Announces New WoW Webcomic: Emissary

WoW Stratics ( is proud to announce and launch a new webcomic titled “Emissary” written and drawn by webcomic artist Barry T. Smith of” target=“_blank”>Inktank and Angst Technology fame.

The comic will follow the adventures of a dwarf hunter named Ryshat and his polar bear pet, Tundra. It will have humorous elements but will definitely have a more serious tone and hopefully will be able to take you on a rollercoaster adventure that will leave you gasping for air at the end. Or it will have screwed up your hair. One of the two.

The comic is a long form comic book style with each page being updated every Monday.

You can check out the Emissary every Monday at

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