Wow Story Arcs Update

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After all the gameplay done with my Draenei Paladin, I decided to rest yesterday and peruse through the hundreds if not thousands of screenshots I have taken in-game.

I just posted the transcript of some of the quests, books, notes, and in-game dialogues pertaining to the questlines behind the Defias Brotherhood.  This in case you wish to go back and read what happened in early quests that tie in with the Missing Diplomat questline.  Everyone has a hunch the amnesic hero in the Wow The Comic Book might be King Varian Wrynn.  So what better time than now to read again the Defias conspiracy and background lore?

These new entries to the Wow Story Arcs reveal the Bloodsail Buccaneers, the Venture Co. goblins, the Gnolls and Kobolds were all working with the Defias Brotherhood. A vast operation spanning from Stranglethorn Vale up to Stormwind City.  Lord Gregor Lescovar from the Nobles of Stormwind was involved with the Defias Brotherhood and VanCleef.  Tyrion the gnome assassin also babbles about a lead he was following linking Lescovar with the Twilight’s Hammer.

As a extra cookie, I gathered the four Troll Legend tablets from the Kurzen’s Mystery quest where the legend of Gri’lek the Wanderer may be read.  Basically, he turned his back on the spirits and due to this his right arm didn’t grow back. This leads to think that Zul’jin may have turned on the spirits or enraged them somehow in the past and there was no limb regeneration.

In upcoming days, I will add the starting episode of the Defias Brotherhood, which is not included in this batch, and the entire Missing Diplomat questline.

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