WoW PTR 2.4 - Kalecgos Video - Sunwell Plateau

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Below are two fan-made videos showing a fight against Kalecgos at the Sunwell Plateau dungeon.  The blue dragon model and texture seem unique.  Although the players barely got him to roughly 70% it shows two interesting dynamics within the fight.  You battle Kalecgos, and at certain percent a warlock-like portal opens up.  When you click it you can fight a Dreadlord. An interesting twist as it looks like you are fighting the Dreadlord within an astral plane. I mean, apparently the dreadlord is possessing the mind of Kalecgos and you are teleported to fight the dreadlord in a shadowy-twilight-zone-copy of the battlefield. Then return back to the normal plane to resume fighting Kalecgos. Interesting.

For the lore fans who haven’t read up about Kalecgos’s backstory you should get your hands on the Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy Ultimate Edition by Richard A. Knaak (Tokyopop). Not long ago, I wrote a review of this book which contains all three books in a single tome. You can order the book at our store or read the book excerpts.


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