Wow Gameplay Video Capture for PC

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Some time ago, a Blizzard Representative had said the Devs would consider a in-game gameplay video capture function for PC users if there was enough interest from the players.  Mac users got theirs.  Seems a port for PC users isn’t too far ahead. (Read More)

Quicktime and iTunes are available for Windows OS. It might take a while nevertheless to develop a PC version of the Wow in-game video capture feature.  In the meantime, everyone should be using GameCam or Fraps.

Falkenn @ Eitrigg: I see the MacHeads got iTunes support, what about for PC? Am I reading this wrong?

  • Mac Options dialog has been added to the primary options panel. This dialog offers configuration options for any features that are presently unique to the Mac client, such as iTunes Remote and Movie Capture.

  • New iTunes Remote configuration options have been added to the Mac Options panel.

Tigerclaw: Both the iTunes remote and the video capture feature are under consideration for porting back to Windows, it is a manpower and scheduling issue more than a technical one.

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