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It’s a sore weekend for me. Today I turned age 35. Happy Birthday to me. Thank you. Blizzplanet’s birthday isn’t too far away either.  On January it will be its 5th Anniversary. I will be checking my email today to rescue all those WoW easter eggs that fans have submited in the past months. So far I have added a couple.  Very interesting ones.

Did you know the Witch Doctor Bom’bay in Sen’jin Village , Durotar who transforms you into a frog, and makes you do odd things and says something along “Eekum Bokem” is an easter egg or pop-culture reference? Banjo-Kazooie had a shaman named Mumbo Jumbo who transformed Banjo into different things to help him complete some missions.  Mumbo Jumbo would say the catchy word: Eekum Bokem. Funny, eh?

By the way, Witchdoctor Bom’bay? Doesn’t that ring a bell?  At least those my age or watching re-runs will remember: “Doctor Bombay! Calling, Doctor Bombay! Emergency, come my way!”—Bewitched.


Mildred Fletcher, the Physician by the second floor of the Shattrath City Infirmary is named in the German-version of World of Warcraft Angelina Werkel.  So why a single NPC is named differently in both WoW language versions?  Maybe Blizzard wanted to capture pop cultural references native to the region? Don’t know what I’m talking about do you? Ok let’s go back. Collosus @ Kargath (EU) reported that Mildred Fletcher (Physician) is a pop-culture reference to Margaret Thatcher – former British Prime Minister. However, the same NPC in the german-version of WoW is renamed as Angelina Werkel – a reference to Angela Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany.

Sebastian in Karazhan, is a lonely ghost standing by the pipe-organ on the Opera Hall.  According to Collosus @ Kargath (EU), Sebastian is a reference to Johann Sebastian Bach – A very famous german composer and organist (1685 to 1750).

Hathvelion Sungaze from the West Sanctum in Eversong Woods (Quel’Thalas) asks you to kill murlocks by the Tranquil Shore. The quest is titled: “Fish Heads, Fish Heads …”  A fan nicknamed Roughtrade reported this is a pop culture reference to a Barnes & Barnes song played often by The Dr. Demento Show:

Fish Heads, Fish Heads
Rolly Polly Fish Heads
Fish Heads, Fish Heads
Eat them up, yum!

Those are about the ones I have added so far, by Monday I will have added most of those plaguing my email inbox for months.  In the meantime, if you haven’t spend time reading through the World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade easter eggs, feel free to click on both links below.  Submit new ones that aren’t mentioned.  I have had fans submit repeated ones.  Please make sure to describe your easter egg or pop culture reference in detail, and links if possible to either the original source or wikipedia.  It helps reduce the time adding them to the list.

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