Wow CMs start Starcraft quote madness

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This is not exactly news, but Rise from SCLegacy dared me to post it.  After all day long of World of Warcraft players not able to log in to the game or to the official forums due to a long login account upgrade, Tseric posted a thread on the Wow Official forums to announce that login account was now operational.

However, he chose a distinctive way to announce it.  The forum thread was simply “In the pipe”, followed by his post text: “5 by 5”. It is a easter egg from the movie Aliens used in Starcraft as a quote by the Dropship female pilot. Two more Community Managers or Forum Mods posted similar Starcraft quotes.

Coreiel posted “Reporting for duty!, while Drokthul answered “You call for an exterminator?

This caused a chain reaction of fans that automatically started login in to reply their greetings post with follow up Starcraft quotes.  Check out the multiple pages worth of feedback.

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