WoTLK: Lake Wintergrasp PvP To Be Like Auchindoun PvP

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If you were planning to siege weapon and PvP all day long at Lake Wintergrasp in Northrend once Wrath of the Lich King hits stores, you gotta stop and read a new interview by CVG where Wrath of the Lich King’s Senior Producer J. Allen Brack discusses details of World PvP, Arena PvP and the Wrath of the Lich King technology.

Lake Wintergrasp shares a similar model with Auchindoun PvP, in which you reach the objectives and gain a reward.  The event is locked until certain amount of time.  In Auchindoun you PvP to capture the spirit towers. The event is locked for some hours and you gain the buff to loot spirit shards from dungeons.

It was not revealed what the reward would be for winning the Lake Wintergrasp World PvP session, but sounds like an interesting mechanic.  When the next Siege Weapon PvP Session is unlocked, a large portion of players will want to unite to gain the yet-unknown special reward. Read the full interview

CVG: Excuse my scepticism, but every world PvP objective in Wrath of the Lich King has been ignored, except, maybe, the spirit towers in Auchindoun. And Tarren Mill.

JAB: That’s true. Why was Auchindoun successful? One of the biggest reasons is that it was timed. The spirit towers unlocked at a certain interval that everyone knew, then once the interval was over, there was a time when the winning faction reaped the reward. That’s the model we’re going to follow with Lake Wintergrasp. It won’t be “hey, I want to PvP, I’m going to Lake Wintergrasp”. It will be locked for a certain amount of time, there will be an interval where players will enjoy the reward, and the reward will be significant. But there will be a forced ‘come together’, when the fight begins for everyone.

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