WotLK Build 8896 - Obsidian Sanctum

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On Wednesday evening Blizzard released a new patch of approximately 140mb size, updating Wrath of the Lich King to build 8896. I am installing it as I speak, at 90%.  One of the dungeons added is the Obsidian Sanctum. More soon.

The Obsidian Sanctum, also referred to as Chamber of Aspects: Black, is a raid dungeon with the portal located under Wyrmrest temple in Dragonblight.

This raid is in an early, unpolished, state. Some of the mechanics and abilities are in early forms, but we want to begin to recieve feedback and bug reports on the encounters.

The Obsidian Sanctum is designed to be a quick experience, with the main boss being of Naxxramas difficulty. Loot should drop off the boss.

This is the feedback thread for the 10 player version of the raid.

Lead Encounter Designer

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