World of Warcraft Story Arcs Update

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I will be digging my screenshots folder to find books and letters found throughout Azeroth.  For now, check out these three books.  The Belamoore’s Research Journal drops from a female mage located at the second floor of the Lordamere Internment Camp near Dalaran.  This book’s lore is somewhat interesting.

The Horde quest sends you there to kill four Undead Forsaken that have betrayed Sylvanas.  They have somehow regained full freedom of their thoughts and miss their beloved Lordaeron as it was before the Scourge.  With them, they stole five bloodstones from Sylvanas’ vault.

These Bloodstones are creation of the Old gods, containing blood, water, thunder, fire and earth as casing.  In the quest, we recover four of the bloodstones and deliver it back to Sylvanas.  There is a missing bloodstone attached to a pendant which hasn’t been found.

Is Sylvanas consorting with the Old gods?  Is she under their influence?  Is the holy and shadow magic of the Forsaken fueled by the Old gods?  Why didn’t the Forsaken have an army representation during the opening of Ahn’Qiraj?

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