World of Warcraft: Ride of the Horde

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In case you have missed it few months ago, I will interview Christie Golden around November to talk about World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde pocketbook, which tells the story of the Draenei escaping Kil’jaeden, Archimonde and Sargeras, settling in Draenor time later.  As well as the story of the Horde before the Dark Portal—with hero cameos such as Gul’dan, Ner’zhul, Durotan and others.

Today, Christie Golden updated lot of details, and comes out in the open … she is a World of Warcraft addict.  No shame on that as she co-created Thrall with Chris Metzen in her previous book Warcraft: Lord of the Clans. Playing the game and its quest gives her an edge when writing about Warcraft.

  • You can buy Warcraft: Lord of the Clans or pre-order Wow: Rise of the Horde at our Store.
  • For some fun, read our previous interview concerning Lord of the Clans—a story from the abandonware “Warcraft Adventures” game.
  • Starcraft fans should keep an eye on our interview of November—Christie Golden will write a Starcraft Trilogy pocketbook.  I will do my best to drag her into a Public Chat on IRC. That means you would be able to throw in questions, live. Cross your fingers!

Message from Christie Golden to her fans:

DECEMBER, 2006:  As many of you know, I am very fond of the game World of Warcraft.  I had not played Warcraft when I wrote my first novel for Blizzard, LORD OF THE CLANS, but my experience with Blizzard was fantastic.  When WoW came out a friend showed me Thrall?a character I?ve grown very fond of.  The game looked fantastic, and next thing you know?I?m hooked.

You can imagine how pleased I am to have landed a four book contract with Blizzard!  The first book comes out in December, RISE OF THE HORDE, and it tells the story of the orcs and the draenei on Draenor before they went through the portal into Azeroth.  I had such a great time fleshing out characters who, frankly, are legendary heroes in the game.  The story is epic and tragic?think Shakespeare with orcs.  At times like this I wouldn?t trade my job for anything.

Over the next year, I will be writing three more novels for Blizzard, these three set in the StarCraft universe.  The trilogy is titled The Dark Templar Trilogy and the first book, which I?m finishing up right now, is called THE FIRSTBORN.  It?s kind of a thriller/action/mystery and I really love the characters I?m working with and the voice and feel of the story.  I can?t wait for you all to read it.

OTHER PROJECTS:  Many of you have written asking to see more of the VOYAGER novels.  Right now I think those are going to be pushed to the back burner?Pocket Books, who publishes the Trek novels, also publishes the Warcraft and Starcraft novels, so they know I?m (rather happily) tied up for the next while.  I do hope to return to them at some point, but it won?t be for at least another year. Read more

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